1.2 million kilometers away, tianwen-1 took a picture of the earth and the moon. Seeing it, we were silent

Mars is a neighbor of the earth, is also in the habitable zone of the earth like planet. There are many similarities between Mars and the earth. Therefore, soon after human beings stepped out of the earth, they began a series of exploration and Research on Mars.

In order to explore Mars, all kinds of Mars probes are indispensable. Therefore, since the second half of last century, human beings have launched many probes to Mars, including orbital probes and landing probes. In order to explore Mars in more detail, a Mars rover is essential. However, due to the limitation of human science and technology, the success rate of the probe landing on Mars is not particularly high.

Moreover, the distance between Mars and the earth is not a fixed value, but a very large area. When we want to launch a Mars probe, we can only choose the time when the Mars orbit is closest to the earth orbit, which is what scientists call the Mars launch window. Basically, we can only wait for the launch time every two years and one month.


July to August 2020 is another launch window for Mars, so recently, Mars exploration has become a hot topic. One of the major highlights of this year’s Mars launch window is that China will launch its own Mars probe, tianwen-1.

One of the important reasons why tianwen-1 has attracted worldwide attention is that our Mars exploration mission is three in one. That is, we need to complete the orbit, landing and inspection of Mars at one time. If successful, China will become the second country after the United States to independently master Mars landing and patrol exploration technology.

At 13:25 on July 23, with our expectations, tianwen-1 started its journey to Mars, taking the first step in China’s planetary exploration. From the 23rd to the 27th, tianwen-1 has crossed a distance of 1.2 million kilometers. We can see how fast the detector is in the universe. Tianwen-1 is equipped with China’s most advanced space exploration technologies, which can be said to be a manifestation of China’s comprehensive scientific and technological strength.


Tianwen-1 Mars probe is equipped with very advanced optical equipment. During the more than half a year’s journey to Mars, it is natural to take all kinds of deep space photos. And its first photo was a group photo of the earth and the moon taken 1.2 million kilometers away. Tianwen-1 used optical navigation sensors to image the earth and the moon, and obtained clear pictures of the moon. In this black-and-white group photo, the earth and the moon are crescent shaped, accompanying each other in the vast universe.

Many people may have a question: why is the earth and the moon half moon, not full circle? It is estimated that many friends often see pictures of the earth and the moon taken in space on the Internet. In those pictures, the earth is very beautiful, and the moon is also a bright sphere. In fact, the photos of the earth and the moon we see on the Internet are all processed by PS, not the real scenes seen in space.

If we want to see the beautiful earth and bright moon, we can only take pictures in very near earth orbit. Tianwen-1 is 1.2 million kilometers away from the earth. You can’t see the beautiful scenery of the earth and the moon here. You can only see a blurred half moon like image. The reason why they are crescent shaped is that they are far away.


As we all know, the earth and the moon do not emit light. There is only one real light source in the solar system, that is, the sun. Other celestial bodies show light by reflecting sunlight. If there is no reflection of sunlight, we can’t see them. These celestial bodies are not transparent. When the sun shines, it can only shine on one side, so we have the difference between day and night on earth.

The sun can only shine on one end of the earth and the moon. The side behind the sun is very dark, while the side facing the sun will be very bright. Therefore, tianwen-1 can only take a picture of the earth and the moon on one side. At this time, they all present a crescent shape. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, to see such a group photo of the earth and the moon, there will be some regret that they are not bright.

But in the eyes of many people, seeing the group photo here, we are silent. The reason why we are silent is that we once again realize the smallness of the earth and the vastness of the universe. When we live on the earth, we will feel how vast and beautiful the human beings have lived for millions of years. At that time, human beings were very proud, because we were the only intelligent civilization on earth and the overlord at the top of the biological chain.


But when we really step out of the earth and look back from a distant place, you will see a very small earth. As tianwen-1 keeps away from the earth, the image of the earth will become more and more blurred and smaller. When the probe reaches Mars orbit, the earth will be a white spot as big as sand.

The more we know about the universe, the more we feel uneasy and worried. Therefore, we need to develop science and technology rapidly and get rid of the shackles of the earth as soon as possible. Hawking once issued a warning to mankind: warning mankind to leave the earth as soon as possible. Many people may not agree with such a warning, but when we think about it carefully, you will find that Hawking’s warning is of great significance.

Compared with the solar system about 2 light-years in diameter, the earth is a tiny planet, and compared with the galaxy 150000 light-years in diameter, the solar system is also a very tiny galaxy. And the Milky way is only a very small galaxy in the whole universe. Through such comparison and cognition, the earth is actually a tiny planet in the universe, and human beings are nothing in the universe.


Although human beings have lived safely and stably on the earth for millions of years, there are too many disasters that can threaten human survival and the safety of the earth. Whether it is the ecological upheaval of the earth itself, or the asteroid impact outside the earth, the supernova explosion, the invasion of alien civilization, etc., it can bring the ultimate disaster to the earth and human beings.

Therefore, in recent years, mankind has accelerated the pace of development of space science and technology. Only when we aim at the stars and the universe can we really grow up. Although tianwen-1 is China’s first Mars probe, it has human expectations. Mars may be one of the most important transit stations for human exploration of the starry sky in the future. Through this pedal, we can explore more distant stars.

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