1.4 billion kilometers away from the earth, the probe once sent back a picture, which deeply disturbed scientists!

1.4 billion kilometers away from the earth, the probe once sent back a picture, which deeply disturbed scientists!


Human beings are fortunate to be the most advanced intelligent life on the earth. They have learned to create products with their hands, mastered numerous advanced technologies, and gained a solid position. They can be called the leader on the earth. No animal or plant can match with human beings. Until science and technology became more powerful, human beings began to broaden their horizons and explore the universe. When you enter the universe, you know that you are small, even the earth is too small. The universe is so vast that it is far beyond our imagination.

After the development of space technology, human beings can finally understand the earth from a different perspective. Because of the emergence of technology, human beings feel a strong sense of frustration. Why on earth? In 1957, the first man-made satellite, sputnik-1, was launched slowly, which opened the prelude of the space field. In a few years, Gagarin became the first astronaut to enter outer space, proving to the world that human beings can enter outer space completely. 1.4 billion kilometers away from the earth, the probe once sent back a picture, which deeply disturbed scientists!


The main purpose of human beings to build detectors


Experts frequently build detectors, telescopes and other high-tech equipment, the main purpose is to see the scene on the earth, overlooking the more distant universe. From the moon to Mars, human beings spend a lot of energy to explore these planets. Standing on the surface of the moon to see the earth, the earth is a blue planet, and the farther away the earth is, the smaller it is. Do you remember Tianwen 1?

It was about 1.2 million kilometers away from the earth, had a look at our home, and took a picture. The earth in the photo is as small as a star. If you don’t watch it carefully, you can easily ignore it. You can only see the general outline. Obviously, if it’s farther away, the earth may not be visible. In 2013, the Cassini unmanned spacecraft was successfully launched. It took a high-definition picture of the earth about 1.44 billion kilometers away from the earth. The content of this picture made scientists unhappy.


What’s in that picture?


1.44 billion km is a very long distance. The earth in this photo is just a small bright spot. If there is no reflection of the sun, maybe we can’t even see this bright spot, and the specific outline is difficult to distinguish. The universe is like a background plate. In the dark sky, the earth is a dim blue dot, accounting for only 0.12 pixel of the picture. Through this picture, people will inevitably feel frustrated. The home we live in can breed all things, which is so unbearable in the universe.

However, human beings have been on the earth for such a long time and have not fully understood everything outside the earth, let alone the vaster universe. Maybe human beings will be trapped in the solar system forever. This is a long and complicated process. Many scientists firmly believe that as long as science and technology continue to develop, if human beings can make a qualitative leap in the space field, it is possible not only to escape from the solar system in the future, but also to see the true face of the universe. At present, what we should do is to vigorously develop high technology and create more powerful flight technology, so that human beings can enter outer space more safely and efficiently and get out of the solar system. What is the earth like in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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