10 trillion degrees in the universe? If so, what material is it made of?

10 trillion degrees in the universe? If so, what material is it made of?


All things in the world have temperature, whether they are moving or not, they can measure their temperature. We all know that a person’s normal temperature is maintained at 37 degrees Celsius. If it is higher than this temperature, it means that he has a fever. After death, his body will gradually cool down and his temperature will drop. Temperature is very important to everyone. Its direct reaction is the average kinetic energy of particles. Many people generally believe that there is no temperature in absolute vacuum.


How to make a high temperature of 10 trillion degrees?


In this vast universe, there is no absolute vacuum, sometimes a pair of virtual particles will appear and disappear instantly. There are all kinds of particles in the universe, and there are many dark matter particles, not only that, but also a lot of energy. In many people’s cognition, the universe was formed by a singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. These stars all have temperature. At the same time, there are objects around the universe that can produce extremely high temperature. Especially after the collapse of stars to form white dwarfs, its surface temperature will once reach 10 trillion degrees. No one can bear such a high temperature. 10 trillion degrees in the universe? If so, what material is it made of?


According to the truth, it is impossible for human experiments to produce 10 trillion degrees. Why can relevant experiments be produced? What kind of material can withstand such high temperature? Whether it is nuclear fusion or nuclear explosion, the temperature will not reach 10 trillion degrees. Only in particle accelerators can it be realized. The mass of particles is very small, and in the process of acceleration, they can approach the speed of light without limit.


What materials are needed to produce a high temperature of 10 trillion degrees?


When particles collide with each other, they produce a high temperature, which makes the nucleus decompose immediately. Since it is impossible to measure such a high temperature with a thermometer, and there is no thermometer with such a high temperature on earth, the temperature of particles is closely related to the average kinetic energy. If the average kinetic energy can be measured, the corresponding temperature can be calculated. To be exact, 10 trillion degrees is very difficult to achieve, even if it is only a flash, it will cool down soon.


The most important point is that the higher the temperature of the object, the greater the heat. Only when the kinetic energy of the particle is large enough, the temperature will be high. If the particle density is low and the heat is small, we can put our hands close to the high temperature, but we can’t put our hands directly into the material with such temperature. So far, there is no material that can make such a heat-resistant material. At 10 trillion degrees, particle accelerators don’t have that much heat.


When human science and technology reach the peak, perhaps such materials will appear. At present, when human beings do any experiment, there are relevant limitations. These limitations are not human abilities, but many technologies are not perfect. It’s a matter of time. The high temperature of 10 trillion degrees is something that many people dare not think about. I didn’t expect that there is such a high temperature in the world. What materials do you think can be used to make such a high temperature in the future? You can leave a message for interaction.

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