To kill a chicken, we must first consider the feeling of the chicken. The chicken also has “dignity” and needs to be restricted by the management regulations

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Have you ever seen the killing standards of “catching chicken with both hands, not single wing or thigh”, “resting before slaughter, installing chest touching board, so that the chicken can be relied on and rubbed”, “before killing chicken, it must be” fainted “by gas and other means to make it unconscious” but you will see them in the future, because these are really written in Shandong Province What’s the matter with the Shandong local standard “technical specification for welfare slaughtering of broilers”? Let’s take a look.

Welfare slaughtering of broiler refers to how to adapt to its environment and meet its basic natural needs before and during slaughtering. Science has proved that broilers can meet their welfare requirements if they feel comfortable, can express their nature freely and are not threatened by pain, fear and pressure.

According to sun Jingxin, in view of the key quality and safety problems in the process of broiler slaughtering, the scientific research team has carried out research for many years, focusing on overcoming a series of technical difficulties, such as catching tools for broilers, the best fasting and water prohibition and transportation parameters, the design of pre slaughter resting room, hanging chicken mode, and “fainting” process, and formulated the “technical specification for welfare slaughtering of broilers”.

Professor Sun Jingxin said that at present, the number of broiler breeding in Shandong Province accounts for more than 20% of the country, ranking first in the country; the number of chicken exports accounts for half of the country, with obvious regional advantages. In China, the industrialization of broiler processing started late, and the slaughter technology is not mature enough, especially the welfare slaughter level is not high

Due to the lack of technical specifications in pre slaughter management, product quality and safety control, different degrees of stress occurred in the slaughtering process of broilers, such as serious congestion and microbial pollution, large proportion of broken wings and bones, high incidence of PSE meat, poor water retention and color, and no rules for welfare slaughtering during the initial processing of broilers, which made it difficult for Chinese chicken and its products to enter the market smoothly Entering the international market.

“Technical specification for welfare slaughtering of broilers” is the first industry standard for welfare slaughtering of broilers formulated in Shandong Province and China, which marks the realization of standardized processing of welfare slaughtering of broilers.

Professor Sun Jingxin said that Shandong is a major province of broiler production in China, and the formulation of this standard will help promote the standardized welfare slaughtering and processing of broilers in Shandong and the whole country, further improve the level of processing technology, and speed up the quality and safety control of chicken in line with international standards.

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