Do cannibals exist? The Chinese expedition went deep into Amazon and found the answer

“Cannibalism” is a common topic. Even now, cannibalism can be found everywhere, but it’s all cannibalism in a broad sense. Although cannibalism in a narrow sense has existed since ancient times, in the current world, whether there is a real sense of cannibalism, let’s explore it.

First of all, the origin of the name cannibal is not a wonderful misunderstanding. It is that Columbus heard a wrong sound when talking with the aborigines, which led to the birth of “cannibal” in the world. You may feel that cannibals are not far away from our lives because of the film and television materials. Fortunately, many “Warriors” are willing to take risks in the depths of Amazon in order to uncover this mystery. With the efforts of many people, the primitive tribes deep in the jungle also slowly appear in front of everyone’s eyes.

Among them, the most famous primitive tribe is the Yanomama people, and most of the stories about cannibals come from this tribe. However, in 2014, when an exploration team from China finally arrived at the legendary tribe, it was not hatred and bow and arrow that welcomed the people. On the contrary, they entertained the strangers from the outside world with enthusiasm and dance. When they ask about cannibalism, they have no taboo and tell people the truth. It turns out that there were cannibals a long time ago. They were basically the ashes of their enemies or relatives. Although the “custom” has been preserved, they are all replaced by fruit, without any bloody taste. The local people don’t exclude the communication with the outside world, and hope to get the help from the outside world and set up schools to learn advanced cultural knowledge.

When the adventurers found a more ancient yanomar tribe, they thought there would be new discoveries. After inquiring, they found out that even an ancient tribe like them had already abandoned those traditional “Customs”. It seems that cannibalism has long been in the past

After many explorations, the team learned that not all tribes are welcome to visit. Many tribes hide deeper in the virgin forest in order to avoid the disturbance of the present society and disappear in people’s sight. Moreover, many tribes are sheltered by the state to prevent outsiders from disturbing their lives. Whether in ancient times or in modern times, “cannibalism” is a bad habit after all. Even the aborigines living in the primeval forest have gradually improved their civilization, so they can improve the customs that have been handed down for a long time.

What we modern people can do is to support those tribes who are willing to accept help and respect their choices for those who are not willing to be disturbed. Finally, I would like to present a beautiful picture of Amazon. May the world be peaceful.

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