108 light years away, a huge hole shows us the galaxy mystery behind it

13.8 billion years ago, the universe was born in the singularity explosion. After the birth of the universe, a variety of basic materials were formed. These basic materials continuously condensed and evolved into stars, planets and other celestial bodies, and the aggregation of celestial bodies continuously formed various galaxies.

So what forces guarantee the evolution of the universe after its birth? It’s actually the four basic forces in the universe. Gravity is the most common and important force in the universe. Although it is the weakest of the four forces, it plays an important role in the evolution of celestial bodies and galaxies.


The role of gravity guides the formation of celestial bodies and galaxies, while maintaining the stability of galaxies. There are countless galaxies in the vast universe, but these galaxies can maintain a relatively orderly movement, which is the result of gravity.

So how does this gravity come from? In fact, it is the distortion of space-time caused by the essential mass of the object. Einstein’s theory of relativity reveals the mystery of the distortion of space-time in the universe. The whole universe is equivalent to a space-time membrane. If a mass object adheres to the space-time membrane, it will produce a pressure, which will cause the distortion of space-time. It is this distortion that produces gravity.

The existence of gravity, so that between celestial bodies, galaxies can maintain a stable mutual movement. The planets move around the central star. For example, the eight planets of the solar system move in circles around the sun. The solar system is not stationary. It also moves around the massive black hole in the center of the galaxy.


The galaxy is also moving around other gravitational sources, and the whole universe may also be in a state of motion, but we don’t know where the largest gravitational source of the universe is and how big it is? If the pluralistic cosmology is correct, our universe may be just a part of a larger space, and the whole universe may also be moving around a center of mass outside the universe.

Although galaxies can maintain a stable relative motion, galaxies are very unstable in the early stage of formation, and celestial collision events often occur. For example, there were hundreds of planets in the early solar system. Just because the galaxy had just formed and was still unstable, the planets collided with each other constantly, leaving only eight planets.


Large galaxies such as the Milky way also collide with each other, and this kind of collision is a common phenomenon in the universe. And scientists found that the galaxy will collide with Andromeda galaxy in billions of years, and finally merge into a new galaxy.

So in the universe, will the collision of two galaxies form a new galaxy? Not necessarily, it depends on the size difference between the two galaxies. If two galaxies with small size difference, such as the Milky Way galaxy and Andromeda galaxy, their collision rate will probably merge into a larger Nova galaxy.

However, if the size difference between the two galaxies is too large, it will be difficult to achieve fusion, but the smaller galaxy will be destroyed. The Hubble telescope once discovered a special Galaxy deep in the universe, scientists call it “r5519”, which is a ring galaxy, about 108 light-years away from us.


The center of “r5519” galaxy is not a huge gravitational source like the center of the Milky way, but a huge hole. In the lens of an astronomical telescope, it’s like the center of a galaxy is pierced by a galactic cannon, leaving a huge wound.

I believe many friends have heard of the cosmic hole. It is an area in the universe where there are very few celestial bodies and matter. There are so many holes in the universe that it looks like a region dug out of a galaxy. As for the formation of the cosmic hole? Scientists have not come to all conclusions.


So how did the hole in the center of the “r5519” Galaxy form? Scientists believe that this may be the result of the collision of two galaxies. Scientists found another smaller galaxy near “r5519”. This galaxy collided with “r5519” a long time ago. Due to the large difference in the size of the two galaxies, they did not merge. Instead, the smaller galaxy was basically destroyed, leaving a hole in the center of “r5519”.

Such an observation makes scientists very excited, which makes us find a source of the cosmic hole. At present, we already know that when two galaxies with large volume difference collide, they may cause one destruction and one injury. The small galaxy will be destroyed, and a huge hole will be left in the center of the large galaxy.

Seeing this result, scientists are also very glad that the collision between the Milky way and Andromeda galaxy will have a good result in 4 billion years. The volume difference between the two is small, and the result of one damage and one injury will not appear. If there is a huge difference in the volume between the Milky way and Andromeda galaxy, once a collision occurs, the final result may be the same as “r5519”, the mass gravitational source in the center will disappear, leaving a huge hole.


If this is the result, it will definitely be a disaster for the galaxy. The galactic center will lose its mass, the gravitational source will become a hole, and the stability of the entire galaxy will be broken. At that time, the stellar system will not be stable, and collision events will occur frequently. In a chaotic galaxy, the earth and human beings can not survive, we can only leave the galaxy.

Of course, scientists still have a lot of doubts about the reason for the formation of the hole in the center of “r5519”. We need to know that this galaxy is 108 light-years away from us, and the situation we have observed so far is the same as it was 10.8 billion years ago. It’s only 3 billion years since the birth of the universe. Theoretically speaking, this stage is still in the early stage of galaxy formation in the universe.


The fact that the two galaxies collided 10.8 billion years ago shows that the two galaxies have been formed for a long time, which is in contradiction with our current theory of galaxy evolution. Therefore, there are still many mysteries about the “r5519” galaxy that need to be solved continuously.

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