12000 years ago, aliens lived on the earth, lived with human beings and hid themselves underground

The wisdom of the ancient people is almost reflected in those great ancient buildings. For example, the great wall of China is one of the miracle buildings in the world. Obviously, many different types of old cultural buildings have been discovered by researchers all over the world. These mysterious ancient building cultures have never stopped the pace of research.


Since ancient times, there have been many mysterious places on the earth, and supernatural phenomena have occurred in many sparsely populated areas. Take the pyramid of ancient Egypt as an example. This is a mystery that scientists can’t solve. It needs exquisite technology to build. From the perspective of underdeveloped industrial technology, pyramid is undoubtedly the highest masterpiece of world civilization. Some scholars even believe that the construction of pyramids is related to extraterrestrial life.

According to this situation, there is still a lot of room for discussion. When discussing these ancient and mysterious architectural sites, the researchers feel that, according to the labor productivity of human beings at that time, it is impossible for human beings in the Archean era to have such superb construction technology, just like the pyramids of ancient Egypt, which has always been the focus of the researchers.


There are many incredible ancient relics in the world. This time, scientists accidentally found a 12000 year old underground tunnel under Scotland, 3000 miles long, on the Scottish border, leading to Turkey.


This underground tunnel was discovered by scientists by accident in the cave. It seems that many discoveries are accidental. Its entrance is on the surface of the earth, no different from the surrounding area. The entrance is also very hidden, which can only accommodate one person’s body at the same time. But after passing through the entrance, it is a different scene. It is very big inside, and four people can walk side by side. This is the starting point of this underground tunnel.

Scientists can’t believe it. The workload of such a long-distance underground building is huge, and in that remote ancient times, according to the productivity of people at that time, it was by no means a simple project. With such superb construction technology, scientists can’t help suspecting that there were aliens living underground tens of thousands of years ago. By then the land had been occupied by man.


This guess is not impossible. Maybe 12000 years ago, when the aliens came to the earth in their spaceship, they were first regarded as travelers, and then lived on the earth for a period of time. They were deeply attracted by the good environment and climate of the earth, so they planned to live on the earth for a long time.


But at that time, there were already human beings living on the land, so the aliens tried to simply live at the bottom of the earth, digging thousands of miles of underground tunnels, in case human beings found their existence. After a long time, the aliens quietly left the earth, returned to the original planet, and then the tunnel was preserved intact.

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