12000 years ago, aliens lived on the earth. The mysterious base was discovered and lived with human beings

There are many great ancient buildings in the world, such as the great wall of China, which is a miracle in the world. It is obvious that many different ancient civilization buildings on the earth are constantly discovered by researchers, and some mysterious ancient civilizations are constantly studied by scientists.


In this case, there is still a lot of room for research. However, when studying these ancient and mysterious architectural sites, researchers feel that according to the level of human labor productivity at that time, in this ancient time, it is impossible to have such exquisite construction technology as the ancient Egyptian pyramids, which has always been the focus of researchers’ research.

There are many mysterious areas under the ground, and there are supernatural phenomena in many no man’s land. The ancient Egyptian pyramids and Cleopatra here have always been unsolved cases that scientists can’t solve. The buildings here must have superb craftsmanship to build. At that time, there is no doubt that it was the highest civilization in the world. Researchers have no idea how to put so many stones weighing dozens of tons together to build a pyramid with a history of more than 4000 years at that time.


Many mysterious ancient buildings often appear on the earth. Archaeologists have found that this time, researchers have found a 3000 mile long underground tunnel in Scotland, which extends from suger to Turkey. It belongs to a very hidden underground tunnel.


This underground tunnel was first discovered by archaeologists when they accidentally entered a cave. The cave is located at the surface level, which is no different from the surrounding area. The cave is also quite hidden and can only accommodate one person. But just across the hole, there is another cave in the cave, which can be four, and this is the starting point to reach the underground tunnel.

Researchers can’t believe it. Such a long underground building requires a lot of work. In ancient times, according to the productivity at that time, it was not an easy thing at all. Moreover, this ingenious construction method makes scientists think that alien civilization existed underground thousands of years ago, when it was occupied by human beings.


It’s not impossible to speculate like this. In other words, at that time 1 century ago, alien civilizations came to the earth in their aircraft. At first, they should have the mentality of sightseeing. Later, they were attracted by the earth’s climate conditions and suitable living environment and planned to live here.


At that time, the land on the earth had been inhabited by human beings, so the underground became the only residence of alien civilization. Thousands of miles of tunnels were dug under the earth to prevent human beings from discovering it. Until later, when human beings left the earth, the tunnel was still intact.

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