130 years later, the rare phenomenon of nine stars in a row appears. What will happen to the earth?

Human beings were born millions of years ago, and human civilization was formed 5000 years ago. After the birth of human beings, due to the lack of scientific knowledge and knowledge of many phenomena of nature and astronomy, many national masters and celestial masters were born. They would analyze the astronomical information by divination and burning incense. The final conclusion is that most of the strange astronomical phenomena are the omens of disaster.

In ancient times, among the many omens that the astronomical phenomena would bring disaster, nine stars in a row was the most terrible. In ancient times, the national masters and heavenly masters regarded the appearance of nine star beads as a sign of a major disaster. There were many fires, and people’s lives were in dire straits. So when nine stars are in a row, will something really bad happen?

When human beings enter the era of science and technology, with the help of scientific knowledge, they have some knowledge of nature and the universe. At this time, we also understand that the so-called nine star beads are actually the positions of the nine planets in the solar system in a sector at the same time. When we look at them with the naked eye, we will find that they form a straight line. Of course, the solar system is now eight planets, nine stars in a row to include Pluto.


No one knows what will happen when the nine star streak happens. In ancient times, although there was a saying that nine star beads brought disaster, the phenomenon of nine star beads has not appeared since human beings had written records. According to the research of scientists, the appearance of nine star beads is very rare. It takes about 6000 years to appear once.

Although the phenomenon of nine star Lianzhu is very rare and has not been seen by human beings, there are many records about it. According to the records, during the period from 3001 BC to 3000 ad, six star Lianzhu occurred 49 times, seven star Lianzhu occurred 3 times, and eight star Lianzhu almost never happened.

However, the above phenomenon is in the case that the angle of theta is below 5 degrees, that is, a fan-shaped area. If the angle of theta is expanded to 10 degrees, there will be 709 six star beads, 52 Seven Star beads and three eight star beads. The most recent planetary conjunctions occurred on May 20, 2000, when a rare Seven Star conjunctions occurred. Some people may ask: was there any special phenomenon on the earth at that time?

In fact, no, when the Seven Star streak happened, the other celestial bodies in the solar system, the earth, were very stable, and there was no special natural phenomenon, let alone a major disaster. It can be seen that when the phenomenon of planetary beads occurs, there will be disasters, which is just a legend of people, without any factual basis.


Some people may ask, nine star Lianzhu is so rare, when will it appear? According to the observation and calculation of scientists, it is found that 130 years later, that is, December 10, 2149, there will be the first nine star celestial phenomenon in the history of human civilization. At that time, it will surely be a feast in the history of astronomical observation, and countless astronomical enthusiasts will observe this rare celestial phenomenon. Of course, some people may also expect that some abnormal phenomena will occur on the earth when the nine stars appear.

Planetary conjunctions are not only a common astronomical phenomenon, but also a kind of astronomical phenomenon that can be met but not found. For those who are interested in astronomy, it will be a great fortune to witness a rare nine star Pearl in a thousand years. Of course, some people think that the nine star Lianzhu has not appeared in the history of human civilization. It is still unknown whether its appearance will be completely calm and there will be no special phenomenon. It’s possible that some special phenomena may occur on the earth when the nine stars appear.

For some friends’ conjecture, it is not without certain truth that the operation of celestial bodies in the universe is determined by mutual gravitation. Naturally, the gravitation produced by planets at different positions will be different. If all nine planets are in a fan-shaped area with a very small angle, after the formation of a rare nine star conjoined image, it is impossible to say that they have any influence on the earth.


In fact, scientists have not completely ruled out some of the effects of the nine star streak on the earth. Scientists believe that when the nine star streak occurs, the earth may have stronger natural phenomena than usual. But these are just some stronger natural phenomena. It is basically impossible to say that there would have been such a catastrophe as people thought in ancient times.

Maybe some people have read more time travel novels and time travel dramas, and think that when the nine star string appears, it will open a channel of time and space, cross time and space, return to the past or reach another parallel time and space, so as to open a brilliant life. This kind of conjecture is only imagined in science fiction works, and it is impossible to happen in the real world. Of course, Xiaobian did not say that the space-time channel does not exist at all. In fact, the great physicist Einstein also studied the space-time channel, and scientists did not completely deny its existence. It’s just that when nine stars appear, space-time channels will appear, which is basically impossible.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, human beings will have more knowledge of nature and universe in the future. It is possible that the nine star phenomenon is rare in the solar system, and it is very common in other galaxies outside the solar system. It is possible that there are not only nine planets in some galaxies, but more than ten. In such a galaxy, it is possible to have ten stars in a row and eleven stars in a row.

Since there are only nine planets in the solar system and Pluto, the most we can observe is the phenomenon of nine stars in a row. If human beings enter into the interstellar civilization in the future, they will be able to make interstellar voyages in the universe and meet many galaxies, including many galaxies with more than nine planets. At the same time, they may also see the even rarer phenomenon of more than ten stars in a row. In contrast, the nine stars in the solar system is weaker.


With the rapid development of science, human beings constantly recognize nature and universe. Through science to solve the mystery of all things, the mystery of the universe, perhaps in the future, the world, the universe will no longer have secrets in front of human beings, even things like the time and space channel, which are completely in the conjecture, may be realized in the future. We are looking forward to that day.

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