What is “1999 confidentiality agreement”? What is going on? Why are the post-80s and post-90s reluctant to say more

Have you heard of the 1999 NDA?


Since the Soviet cosmonaut Gagarin went into space in 1961, human space technology has developed rapidly. Not long ago, we have explored every corner of the solar system. We have formed an alliance with Martians, and the two civilizations have developed together.

With the development of mankind, mankind has been able to explore the whole galaxy. In 1980, mankind entered the Centaurus galaxy and signed a mutual aid treaty with the higher wisdom civilization there.


In 1992, Centaurus sent out a distress signal to human development. It turned out that they had been invaded by the warlike and famous Sabian people. In order to help their allies, human beings sent a large number of fleets to rescue them.


In 1994, the Sabian people found the solar system, the base of human beings, and launched a fierce attack. Together with the Martians, they formed a solar system guard to resist.

In 1996, because of the great disparity in strength, the SABIS successfully captured Centaurus, and in the second year, they attacked the solar system all year round.


In 1998, the outer defense line of the solar system was lost, and the guard troops retreated to the inner solar system. The Sabian also successfully entered the solar system. Although humans built planetary fortresses in Jupiter and Pluto, they were still vulnerable to absolute power. Especially in the battle of Pluto, the Sabian used a high-energy quantum gun to evaporate 19% of Pluto’s surface, which is also the reason why Pluto lost its mass and was kicked out of the nine planets of the solar system.


At the beginning of 1999, a giant meteorite came down from the sky. While the earth was suffering disaster, the Sabian people began to attack on a large scale. The United Nations issued a level 3 red warning, and the earth guard battle officially started. The Sabian people have set up many ports in the Himalayas, and want to use the powerful air force to carry out large-scale attacks on the ground.

Fortunately, the human fleet did not take the opportunity to eradicate 4 berthing ports, and the sbby people were not so provoking. On the one hand, they built a space station folding door in Spratly Islands, and on the other hand, bombarded the earth with high-energy quantum guns. Fortunately, the NWA wa fleet launched the thruster inside the moon, accelerated the revolution of the moon, and made a cannon for the earth.


Now you can see the cratered surface of the moon, which is the result of this shot. When the SABIS attacked the earth, their berthing port and Space folding gate were repeatedly attacked by human beings, which led to the failure of timely reinforcement and the serious shortage of later supplies. The SABIS were surrounded by human beings for many times, and finally they were defeated.


In October 1999, before withdrawing from the earth, the Sabi people wanted to drop bombs to destroy the earth, but this conspiracy was discovered, and Shennong, Fuxi and Nuwa fleets had the right to attack.

The Sabian plan was unsuccessful, but when they fled, they passed by the earth’s ally Mars and detonated the bomb. The surface of Mars went up in smoke and ashes. From then on, it was lifeless and gradually became the Mars we see today.


When the sabians were about to flee the solar system, their reinforcements rushed to the human fleet and the Sabian fleet, opening an unprecedented battle. The Kirin was ambushed when it was outflanked. Knowing that it could not escape, the captain drove the warship to Sabi. Gradually, he detonated the self destruction device and died with them. Finally, mankind won.

In order not to bring fear to the children of the new century, all the participants signed the 1999 confidentiality agreement, and eliminated the memory of the non participants, and mankind ushered in a new era.

See here, you should also know the authenticity of the 1999 confidentiality agreement, right? Of course, this is a fake. Many years ago, I don’t know who started the story. Then many netizens made up such a story together. It’s purely entertainment. It doesn’t need to be taken seriously.

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