15 climate critical points have been activated 9, is the earth selfish? Ecology faces a test

The earth is a beautiful home where human beings have lived for millions of years. For our own home, we should protect and take good care of it. However, since mankind entered the era of industrial revolution, environmental problems have become more and more serious.

The rapid development of industry is constantly affecting the ecological deterioration of the earth. I believe many friends know that in recent years, scientists have issued serious climate warnings almost every year. From the frequent climate warnings issued by scientists, we can see that the earth system is facing the risk of collapse.

The world-famous scientific journal Nature once published a paper in which a word “climate critical point” was mentioned. Through this word, we can see that it represents the key factor of the earth’s ecological stability. According to the articles published by scientists, there are 15 critical points of the earth’s climate. These 15 critical points jointly maintain the ecological stability of the earth.


Once these 15 climate critical points are activated, the earth’s ecology will fall into an irreversible state, and the global climate will face collapse. This year is 2020. It’s an extraordinary year, and it’s also a year full of disasters. Last year, scientists issued a warning to the earth’s climate. This year, they also issued a warning, which is even more serious.

Australian climatologists recently pointed out that the earth’s 15 “climate critical points” have been activated 9, accounting for more than half. It’s a very dangerous signal, and it’s very bad news for humans. Every activation of a “climate tipping point” means that the earth’s ecology is one day away from collapse.

Once all of them are activated, the earth system will move towards an “irreversible” situation. At that time, no matter how we make environmental protection efforts, the earth’s ecology will deteriorate step by step. You know, as a beautiful planet of life, the earth itself has a very strong self-healing ability. In the long life of billions of years, the earth system has experienced many ecological disasters, but after each disaster, the earth system can repair itself.

From here we can see how powerful the earth’s ecological restoration ability is. The prerequisite for the restoration of the earth’s ecology is that the 15 “climate critical points” representing the stability of the system can not be fully activated. Once all of them are activated, the earth’s ecology will collapse like Mars a long time ago, and there is no possibility of restoration.


Since 2020, climate change has become stronger and worse. In May this year, the Arctic ushered in a high temperature of 38 degrees, which is incredible. I believe that in the past, some people said that the temperature in the Arctic would reach 38 degrees, and no one would believe it. You know, the Arctic is the two coldest places on earth.

However, in 2020, such an extremely cold place will usher in a high temperature of 38 degrees. Although the temperature only lasts for a short period of time, the danger signal it sends us is very clear. That is, the earth’s environment has deteriorated dramatically again. In addition to the high temperature in the Arctic, there has also been an explosion of methane.

And this year, China has ushered in a very serious continuous heavy rainfall, many cities in the South have ushered in a serious test. Extreme high temperature, drought, heavy rainfall, strong storms and so on have become a common occurrence in recent years, and this trend is strengthening every year, which is the manifestation of the worsening climate.


As a result of these worsening climates, the remaining six “climate tipping points” will also face constant activation. Scientists are seeing this kind of climate crisis which is getting closer and closer to us, so they keep warning every year, and the warning is getting more and more serious. And in 2020, scientists will make another big adjustment to the “Doomsday Clock” to 100 seconds.

This “Doomsday Clock” was set by scientists including Nobel Laureates in 1947. At the beginning, this time setting was relatively long. However, with the continuous destruction of the environment by human beings, the setting time of this “Doomsday Clock” is getting shorter and shorter. This year’s 100 seconds is the first time since 1947 to enter two minutes, which indicates that the real crisis of human beings has arrived.

The earth has experienced many ecological disasters, but those disasters are the active adjustment of nature. That kind of adjustment takes a long time, and the transition is relatively mild. Nature has enough strength to recover after drastic changes. But the crisis we are going through now is caused by human beings, and it won’t take us a long time.

It is only a hundred years since the rapid development of human industry. In such a short period of time, we have made the earth’s ecology very bad. You can imagine the extent to which the earth’s ecology will deteriorate in another 100 years. It is possible that all 15 climate critical points will be activated. At that time, the earth will really enter an irreversible doomsday crisis.


Therefore, scientists have been calling for mankind to wake up. The climate crisis has come, and so has the human crisis. If we don’t pay attention to environmental protection and take it seriously, the “revenge” of the earth will be more and more serious. Now many people are often complaining about all kinds of serious climate disasters. For example, friends in the South have been very uncomfortable for more than a month. The continuous rainstorm has made many people move and brought all kinds of losses.

And this kind of rainstorm disaster is not caused by human beings? In fact, we are complaining about the ruthlessness of nature, that is, we are complaining about ourselves. It is our unrestrained destruction that makes the earth what it is now. Even so, most people still don’t wake up. The environmental damage continues and the complaints continue every year.

Perhaps only when all the 15 critical points of climate have been activated and the earth’s ecology has entered an irreversible situation can people really wake up. However, at that time, it was too late to make efforts to protect the environment, and the earth would enter the countdown to the end. Perhaps hundreds of years later, the earth will become Mars. If, at that time, human beings had no interstellar navigation technology and could not migrate to other galaxies, it would be the end of civilization waiting for human beings.


In fact, many people can see the crisis of the earth’s climate today, and everyone can see and feel that the climate is deteriorating every year. But most of us can’t really protect the environment. The reason is very simple, that is, the problem of interests and the selfishness of human beings. Everyone expects others to protect the environment, but he doesn’t take it seriously.

In real life, how many can put environmental protection first? I believe that there are very few things that can be done. Take fuel vehicles for example, as long as they have economic strength, they will buy them. Few people will consider that they will bring harm to the environment. In fact, this is a dead cycle that is hard to change. Unless human beings are busy developing controllable nuclear fusion technology to completely replace fossil energy, the earth’s climate deterioration will not stop.

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