150 million kilometers away from the earth, sent back a high-definition picture of the sun, it turned out that this is the true face!

150 million kilometers away from the earth, sent back a high-definition picture of the sun, it turned out that this is the true face!


There are eight planets in the solar system, which revolve around the sun all the time. The sun is the central celestial body of the solar system, and its importance needs no doubt. We live on the earth, and solar activity is closely related to human life. The sun rises in the East and sets in the west every day, continuously providing light and heat for human beings and bringing a bright future to the world.

Because the sun is burning every second, and the surface temperature reaches 6000 degrees Celsius. Once any object gets close to it, it will go up in smoke. It will burn about 5 million tons of hydrogen fuel every second, showing its uniqueness. With its high temperature, any metal can melt rapidly in a short time, so to observe the sun, you need a professional solar telescope. 150 million kilometers away from the earth, sent back a high-definition picture of the sun, it turned out that this is the true face!


High definition images of the sun


The largest telescope in China is the one meter new vacuum solar telescope, which can take a clear picture of the surface of the sun. In order to achieve the highest image quality, scientists redesigned the telescope, called the Gregor solar telescope, which can see the details of a needle from a kilometer away. Some time ago, the Institute sent back high-definition pictures of the sun, which is the highest resolution image of the sun ever taken.

This picture mainly shows the structure of the sun’s magnetic field. If you look at it carefully, it looks like the cell structure of the human body. The structure is extremely complex. It shows the traces of superheated gas on the surface of the sun. The whole sun is equivalent to plasma. When it is close to the surface of the sun, these plasma will transmit internal energy to the surface, and then sink through the dark channel. It is easy to produce magnetic field when plasma moves. Magnetic field is the fundamental cause of solar activity, showing a different form of movement, which means that the movement is more intense. To put it bluntly, magnetic field is the main driving force behind the sunspot flare activity.


Changes in the surface of the sun


Sunspots can directly see the changes of the sun’s surface. A medium-sized sunspot is almost the same size as the earth. Once there was a photo that showed sunspots. In recent years, scientists have focused on the changes of sunspots. As an important manifestation of the solar magnetic field, sunspots often appear in pairs in the northern and southern hemispheres. In this case, we divide the sun’s atmosphere into six layers, in which the photosphere is the most common round surface of the sun, and the visible light of the sun is emitted from the surface of the photosphere.

The magnetic field reverses every 11 years on average. During these 11 years, the solar activity also shows obvious changes. When it reaches the peak year, the activity is the most frequent, and the activity is the least in the valley year. The high-definition images sent back by the solar telescope are helpful for experts to study the changes of sunspots, solar flares and magnetic fields in more detail, so that we can observe the sun more closely. What else do you know about the sun? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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