1500 light years, a terrible phenomenon, alien civilization has reached such a crazy level

Is there extraterrestrial life in space? Scientists on this topic have argued for hundreds of years, but there is still no result. Many scientists have always believed that there must be extraterrestrial life. However, due to the wide scope of the universe and the limitation of their own technology, they can not reach the farther planet. Even if they enter the second class civilization, the fastest speed of the universe is the speed of light, so it is also necessary to cross the galaxy impossible.


In this way, at the beginning of the birth of the universe, the communication of interstellar civilization was limited, and the extraterrestrial civilization could only be seen through the telescope at most. The Kepler telescope is one of the numerous telescopes that are constantly searching for earth like signs in the search for future planets that humans can migrate to.

Generally speaking, scientists believe that the existence of exoplanets is usually achieved by the planet blocking the light of its parent star. As the planet moves in front of its parent star, the brightness of its star will decrease slightly, so scientists can speculate that the star has planets.


To be specific, sometimes a star turns black and sometimes it turns bright. What’s more strange is that there are no rules to tell. This is a very special phenomenon. Scientists make long-term observation on many star systems according to the differences between them, so as to find out whether they can find the law. However, after long-term observation, the law of change is still out of touch, that is, there is no law.


According to scientists, even if there are super planets like mercury and Jupiter in the solar system, such irregular changes will not occur. In other words, this phenomenon is not natural, but man-made.

People who have read science fiction must know about Dyson ball. What is Dyson ball? The Dyson sphere is like a shell that turns the energy of the star into usable energy. Only advanced civilization can have such technology. Because the upper civilization is still developing, its own planet has run out of energy.


So we just need to find a way to use the energy of a star, and that’s what Dyson invented. The “Dyson ball” is equivalent to a solar panel, which is surrounded by the “Dyson ball” around the sun. Then the “Dyson ball” absorbs the energy released by the star, and then releases the earth, making the “Earth” energy available.


The irregular change of star brightness indicates that the Dyson sphere is under construction. What Kepler telescope has observed is Cygnus 1500 light-years away. That is to say, it will take 1500 years for light to reach the earth. Maybe by the time we observe it, the Dyson sphere has already been built. After all, what the earth will look like after 1500 is not clear at present.

If we really found such a huge man-made structure, it would be the greatest discovery in human history. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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