Scientists made the gap between the rich and the poor appear in the monkey group, and the result was very sexy, and the sex industry rose

We all know that primates are the most similar to humans and are very smart. Like human beings, primates have a fixed social system, which varies according to different species. However, it is obvious that all primates are gregarious. Therefore, many scientists have done different studies on monkeys.

Laurie Santos, a psychologist and professor of psychology at Yale University, has done an experiment with economists on monkeys’ distributive consumption behavior. The subjects were 3 males and 4 females. The monkeys were put into a large cage. The whole experiment was divided into four steps.

First, let the monkey know about money. At first, monkeys didn’t like money. Later, when they gave money to monkeys, they took out food. Every time monkeys took a money, they would give them food. Gradually, monkeys know that money can get food, and learn to take the initiative to buy food with money.

Second, let the monkey react to the currency. On the premise of 12 coins for each monkey, the price of two kinds of food will be raised respectively, and the monkey will slowly learn to figure out how to buy more food with the money in his hand.

Third, let the monkeys compete freely. The experimenters changed the method of average currency distribution, and put money in one time. Seven monkeys swarmed up, some snatched more, some snatched less, and some didn’t have one. In this unfair distribution, an incredible thing happened. A male monkey took a piece of money to buy spring. Afterwards, the female monkey took the money from selling her body to buy food.

In the fourth step, the experimenter changed the way of money input and distributed all the money to a monkey. It can be imagined that the six monkeys collectively attacked the landlord monkey. When they were outnumbered, the six monkeys grabbed different amounts of money and bought food from the experimenter.

This seemingly boring experiment ended here. After the publication of this experiment, people from all walks of life denounced it, but we can’t deny the conclusion of this experiment.

This experiment provides another evidence for the intelligence of monkeys. It can be inferred that the IQ of these monkeys is between 6 and 8 years old. They know the importance of food, and they begin to enjoy life on the premise that there is enough food. As the saying goes, food and color are also important. This sentence can be applied to most animals. It also shows that everything in the world can’t escape the instinct of survival. So we can be more bold to do a hypothetical experiment, increase the number of experimental monkeys and change to a larger place. Will there be a small humanoid social group? The answer, I think, is yes.

This is the survival law of human society. When there is a strong man, there will be a ladder like living environment. When we solve the problem of food and clothing, we often think about sex and reproduction. When we don’t need to consider reproduction, we will simply have sex for the sake of sex and pursue better sexual pleasure. This is the nature of animals and human beings.

If you were a unique king, what would you do? Pursuing more perfect sex? Better food? Enjoy this right without fear?

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