The water of the early Earth may have been stolen, and scientists have found some answers on asteroids

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The earth is not only the home of human survival, but also a life planet rich in water resources. According to the research of scientists, the birth and continuation of life on earth is inseparable from the assistance of rich water resources. Without water, the early life of the earth would not have been born, and there would not have been a rich and colorful life world and the birth of human beings.

Therefore, it is not bad that water is the source of life. More than half of the life organizations on earth are composed of water. Water is the most important material of the earth, the surface is covered by more than 70% of the ocean, and a large amount of water is also distributed in the crust and mantle. This shows that the earth’s rich water resources beyond our imagination.

Water is a very simple substance, which is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Now human science and technology can easily decompose oxygen and hydrogen through water electrolysis, and at the same time, it can also use chemical reaction to make water. But such a simple water, there are still many secrets waiting for us to crack, today we will talk about the origin of the earth’s early water.

The earth is a rocky planet. When it was just formed, it was a lava planet and a burning planet. At that time, there was no water on the earth. It was only after the earth cooled down that water came into being. How did the water come from the early Earth? For this, scientists put forward two views, one is the formation of the earth itself, the other is the asteroid from outside the earth.

If the early water came from the earth itself, it could only come from the interior of the earth. Some scientists believe that the oxygen and hydrogen elements in the interior of the earth formed a large number of water molecules under some natural chemical action. They penetrated into the earth’s surface and became water vapor in the atmosphere under the action of high temperature. When the earth cools, a lot of water condenses and rain forms the ocean.

It is not clear whether this statement is reasonable. We should know that the interior of the earth is a very complex environment of high temperature and high pressure, and the early Earth was a lava planet. If there were abundant oxygen and hydrogen elements in the earth at that time, it was entirely possible to form water molecules under some action.

If the early water came from space outside the earth, we need to find some evidence in space. For the origin of the earth’s early water, more scientists still support the extraterrestrial theory that billions of years ago, a large number of asteroids hit the earth and brought a lot of water resources. As we all know, a comet is a water tanker. It carries a lot of water ice on it. Once it hits the earth, it will bring a lot of water to the earth.

If the earth’s early water came from asteroids, then there should be traces of water on asteroids. As long as we can find a lot of traces of water on asteroids in the solar system, we may be able to find some answers. Scientists through the probe, in the study of an asteroid named “Benu”, got part of the answer.

Benu is nothing more than an ugly asteroid. It is a remnant of the early formation of the solar system. It is such a humble asteroid that the probe found water on it. We should know that the water resources on asteroids are unlikely to be formed by some internal reaction, but more of them come from the condensation of water molecules in space.

We all know that the farther away from the sun, the lower the temperature. In space, hydrogen is a very common element, far away from the sun, the easier it is to condense into water molecules, which will land on the surface of the planet to form water resources. So, on the edge of the solar system, there are many planets with water, just ice.

And near the sun, due to the strong influence of the solar wind, it is difficult to form free water molecules here, so the planets in the habitable zone are unlikely to have free water molecules landing in space to form water resources. So the environment above mercury and Venus is very bad, there is no water. The reason why the earth later formed rich water resources is that it was hit by a large number of asteroids, which left the water ice on the earth and formed the early water resources.

The earth has a thick atmosphere. Once the water ice on the asteroid remains, it is difficult to escape to space, and finally it can only stay on the earth to participate in the water cycle. Of course, there is not enough evidence to prove that the earth’s early water came from asteroids. We need to explore more asteroids.

Although more people think that the earth’s water comes from asteroids, we still can not rule out other possibilities, such as from the earth itself. The ecosystem of the planet itself is a very complex and mysterious structure, which can create infinite possibilities. Perhaps the early water of the earth was produced by the earth’s own system, and it may not be impossible.

Although human beings have been civilized in science and technology, our time of science and technology development is still very short, and our understanding of the earth itself and the universe is still too little. Maybe all we know now is just the skin. We can’t touch the real deep-seated things, and we can’t really explore the early situation of the earth.

The earth itself has many secrets, the origin of water is a mystery, the origin of life and human origin is a big mystery. If we want to solve these mysteries, we can only rely on science and technology. Only by working hard to develop science and technology rapidly, can we constantly search for clues and find the truth. Maybe one day in the future, we will find that what we are discussing today is wrong. There are other origins of water.

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