Chinese scientists have successfully captured carbon dioxide and made great contributions to solving the greenhouse effect

Human beings are the overlord of the earth. Human civilization is a great civilization. It took only millions of years to complete the evolution of intelligent life. Today, human civilization is changing with each passing day with the development of science and technology.

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Looking at the earth from space, it is a blue planet full of vitality, so beautiful. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, a large number of industrial emissions make the earth’s environment worse and worse. A large number of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, making the greenhouse effect more and more serious, and the global temperature is also constantly reaching a new high.

In recent years, the global temperature has reached a new high. I believe friends can feel that every summer is the most miserable season. Continuous high temperature weather not only brings a lot of inconvenience to people’s travel and work, but also a few people lose their lives because they can’t stand the high temperature weather.

The impact of rising global temperature is not only a simple increase in temperature, but also brings many complications, such as the continuous melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles, which leads to the continuous rise of global sea level. At the same time, the animals living in the north and south poles are facing the risk of extinction.

The rising global temperature will bring more natural disasters. I believe many friends still remember the frequent occurrence of strong typhoons in 2018. Many netizens jokingly said that it was like poking a typhoon nest. Frequent strong typhoons have brought huge losses to cities and people in coastal areas. It is believed that the typhoons in summer and autumn of 2019 will not be less than those in 2018, and may reach a new high. All these are caused by the high temperature.

The rising global temperature will make the Siberian ice layer which has been frozen for tens of millions of years begin to recover. This huge ice layer is covered with countless ancient viruses and other bacteria. Once revived, these ancient viruses may come back to life, which will be an unknown test for the earth’s ecosystem and human beings.

The main reason why the earth’s temperature has been rising in recent decades is the emission of a large number of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide. In the earth’s atmosphere, it is beneficial for human beings to keep the carbon dioxide content at a normal level. Plants need carbon dioxide. But once its content exceeds the average, it’s not good for the earth.

Nowadays, the carbon dioxide content of the earth’s atmosphere is constantly reaching new heights, which leads to more and more serious greenhouse effect. Although we know that the rising global temperature is mainly caused by the greenhouse gases brought about by industrialization, it is impossible for us to stop developing industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As long as we develop industry, we will inevitably produce industrial waste gas, which is inevitable.

The development of human science and technology can not stop, and the development of industry can not stop, so how to deal with the emission of greenhouse gases, so that the earth’s temperature will not rise? Scientists think of using science and technology to change. They put forward a method: they can develop a technology to absorb and decompose excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As long as the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere continues to decrease, the greenhouse effect will naturally be controlled, and the temperature of the earth will gradually decrease and return to normal.

China is a powerful country in science and technology. In recent years, the development of science and technology in China is very fast. Breakthroughs have been made in various fields of science, and naturally Chinese scientists will not forget to study new technologies that can effectively capture and decompose carbon dioxide. With the efforts of Chinese scientists, China has made great progress in carbon dioxide capture and made great contributions to solving the greenhouse effect.

For the first time, Chinese scientists use the ultra-thin and large-area preparation of porous material membrane, which can efficiently separate and capture carbon dioxide, and help to alleviate greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, a completely different new method and new approach have been created for gas separation technology. In the past, a kind of material called MOFs was used for carbon dioxide separation. Although it can separate carbon dioxide, it has many defects. First of all, the uneven distribution of this material can easily lead to poor separation effect and may lose the function of separating carbon dioxide. At the same time, the structure of this material will be destroyed in the case of moisture, so it has great limitations.

The application of new materials by Chinese scientists can effectively capture carbon dioxide and separate carbon dioxide. This is another innovative technology of new materials in China. It can eliminate the disadvantages of MOFs, and make the separation and capture of carbon dioxide more efficient. So Chinese scientists have once again opened up a new direction and made great contributions to solving the greenhouse effect.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, the rise of global temperature continues. However, we believe that with the continuous research and progress of scientists in capturing and decomposing greenhouse gases, there will soon be a way to completely solve the emission problem of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. At that time, we can capture, absorb and decompose all the excess carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, and let the atmosphere oxidize The carbon content has returned to normal again, and the problem of rising global temperature has been completely solved.

Science can change the world, let human civilization go out of the earth to explore the universe, and environmental pollution can also be solved by science and technology. This is the charm of science and the greatness of human civilization.

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