Scientists found that 2600 years ago, the brain contained more than 800 proteins. Is it still alive?

Scientists found that 2600 years ago, the brain contained more than 800 proteins. Is it still alive?

To say that the most important organ in the human body is nothing more than the brain. All human behaviors are directed by the brain. If there is any damage to the brain, people’s thinking and consciousness will be affected. We often see those abnormal people in our life, they are because of brain problems, the brain is the core part of the body, it controls our activities, hearing, vision, touch, etc., all through the brain. Once the brain is paralyzed, all behaviors cannot continue.

In the long evolution of human beings, many useless organs gradually degenerate, leaving only the more important organs. The human body is very complex. Almost everyone’s body structure is exactly the same, and everyone’s brain development level is different. There are top intelligent people in the world, such as Einstein, whose brain development level is much higher than ordinary people. If the brain is fully developed, it means that human intelligence will become higher and human civilization will develop faster. Scientists found that 2600 years ago, the brain contained more than 800 proteins. Is it still alive?

Since the progress of science and technology, scientists have put forward a lot of bold ideas, such as connecting the brain with certain devices and controlling these devices through brain consciousness. These ideas are very bold. Once realized, human beings will become more convenient in the future. In principle, when a person dies, the brain dies. In 2008, a scientist found a living brain in a small village in London, England. According to normal people’s thinking, this brain should have decayed long ago, but this brain has no influence and is still alive.

In the pool, experts touch a very hard black object. After turning it over, they know that it’s the human head. There are yellow objects in the head. After passing the test, the yellow material is the human brain. Why is the brain so intact? After testing, it was found that this brain came from 2600 years ago and can be preserved to this day, which shocked people.

The gullies on this brain are clearly visible. Usually, a brain is buried underground, and it will be decomposed directly in about 5-10 years. The reason why this brain is preserved today is that some scientists speculate that maybe the owner of this brain was decapitated, and this brain is falling in a deep pit full of water. Because the water in this deep pit is a kind of hypoxic environment, it is slow We know how fast the brain breaks down, so this brain is preserved.

In the process of detection, scientists also discovered an amazing secret. The brain is rich in more than 800 kinds of proteins and has immunity. Even the brain in the human body does not have so many proteins. This discovery has aroused the imagination of scientists. Is it that the brain is still alive and has consciousness, which once again casts a mysterious veil on it? Now scientists use it every day Jiye’s research on this brain tries to find out the secret inside it. Why do you think this brain from 2600 years ago has been preserved so far? You can leave a message for interaction.

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