Satellite found the earth anomaly, is quietly turning “green”, thanks to its appearance!

Satellite found the earth anomaly, is quietly turning “green”, thanks to its appearance!

The world’s great scientists, Einstein and Hawking, have made predictions about the future world of mankind. Everyone cherishes the hope of the future world and yearns for better living conditions. Not only these scientific giants, but also there have been many time and space traversers in history. They claim to come from the distant future and tell about what will happen in the future, which has aroused many people’s deep thinking. As we all know, the current situation of the earth is not as it used to be, and it has completely disappeared in the form of vitality, leaving the earth full of holes.

In the past few months, everyone has deeply felt that scientists have attached great importance to both environmental and resource issues. In the face of every disaster, people are very scared, especially the arrival of the earthquake and tsunami, and human beings are unable to resist. Speaking of global warming, we are not unfamiliar with it, it causes the greenhouse effect. The temperature in many areas is rising rapidly, but many natural disasters are closely related to it. The best way to solve this problem is afforestation. Satellite found the earth anomaly, is quietly turning “green”, thanks to its appearance!

The benefits of afforestation to the earth’s environment

For a long time, China has made great efforts in afforestation, and its contribution to afforestation has been envied by other countries, which can be regarded as a model. When a satellite flew into space to look at the earth, it was found that the earth was quietly turning green. It can be seen that afforestation has a huge impact on the earth.

Nowadays, many countries have joined the ranks and tried their best to save the earth. Even the Maowusu Desert, which used to be, has gradually become green. For everyone, this is great good news. It shows that the efforts of so many years have not been in vain and have had an effect. Many people can’t help wondering whether the earth will become more vigorous and energetic if all the deserts on the earth are turned into oases. Scientists have made a careful analysis of this idea. Although it is a good thing to turn deserts into oases, there are also many disadvantages.

What happens when desert and oasis lose balance?

Everything in nature has rules to follow. Deserts and oases have always maintained an inherent balance. If this balance is broken, the ecological environment of the earth will be destroyed. In addition, everything in nature restricts and grows with each other. With the increase of forest coverage, the earth will enter a new stage, and many creatures have their homes.

The earth returns to its former vitality. All this comes from the joint efforts of everyone. The earth needs to be managed by everyone. Many people are very selfish. For their own selfish desires, they cut down trees excessively and destroy the green environment. These people will eventually be punished by nature. Only when afforestation is done well, can the greenhouse effect be slowed down, the air that everyone breathes is fresher, and the probability of suffering from diseases will become less and less. This is a very gratifying thing. What do you think of this? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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