20, 000 city ruins found on Venus, like pyramids. Does prehistoric civilization really exist?

When we talk about Venus, we will think of the solar system and the eight planets. Although the earth is the only known planet that can give birth to life, with the deepening of research, scientists have not ruled out the possibility that life also exists on other planets.


In human’s general cognition, Venus is an unreachable planet. Why do you say that? Because the environment on Venus is very bad, which is unacceptable to human beings. However, Venus is very similar to the earth. No matter in size, revolution period or other basic conditions, Venus is not inferior to Mars, or even superior to Mars. The only way to lose is to lose on the environment. Therefore, some scientists believe that although the surface of Venus is uninhabitable, there are still some places in its atmosphere that meet the living conditions, so it can not be ruled out that it can migrate to the atmosphere of Venus, which will be a good way.

This approach also benefits from Venus having a thick atmosphere. Unfortunately, the atmosphere of Venus is different from that of the earth. Besides nitrogen, the main component of Venus’ atmosphere is more carbon dioxide. Therefore, the temperature on Venus is extremely high. Coupled with the high pressure, Venus is stuffy and hot. If you live on this planet, it’s like living in a large pressure cooker.


However, some stubborn microorganisms have been found in some extreme environments on earth, so it is very likely that some special organisms will exist on other planets with bad environments. However, due to the limitation of distance, people’s current research still stays in the solar system, and Venus and Mars, as the neighbors of the earth, have become the focus of research.


In the 1980s, scientists found something similar to urban ruins on the surface of Venus, which once caused great controversy. However, according to the images sent back to earth by the probe, people can see that there are pyramid like buildings on the surface of Venus.

As we all know, the pyramid civilization on earth is the burial place built by ancient Egyptian civilization, so will the pyramid on Venus have the same effect? Therefore, we do not rule out the possibility that Venus is the graveyard of higher civilization.


It is reported that up to now, relevant researchers in the United States have found more than 20000 “pyramids” on the surface of Venus, which have attracted many people’s attention because of their large number.


Before that, some people thought that although the environment on Venus was more extreme, it did not rule out the existence of microorganisms in its atmosphere. If you look across the solar system, there may be some organisms that live on chemical elements, such as methane or sulfur on Venus, which are very likely to become food sources for microorganisms.

Therefore, experts speculate that the pyramids on the surface of Venus may have been built by advanced organisms to avoid the strong temperature difference between day and night and frequent solar storms. They may have been able to seek survival opportunities from underground space.


In addition, it seems that there are roads connected with each other among these pyramids, which are generally radial. The special architectural shape can help the “Venusians” to avoid the persecution of the storm. After all, as a sulfur rich planet, the weather activities on the planet are not optimistic.


Although humans do not plan to study Venus as a livable planet, out of curiosity about extraterrestrial civilization, people will focus on observing Venus and try their best to solve the mystery of the ruins of Venus city.

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