2045 is called the most important year of mankind. Why? The original hidden so deep!

For the arrival of 2045, there have been two major plans in history, which are related to the future of mankind!


Since entering the era of science and technology, the pace of human progress has been more and more slow, especially after the death of Einstein, Hawking and other great men, human civilization has been in a state of stagnation, as if it had encountered a bottleneck period. Both Einstein and Hawking put forward many kinds of predictions, such as gravitational waves, wormholes and so on. The emergence of these predictions has aroused the curiosity of many scientists, who are trying their best to find their position.


The universe is vast, boundless, and has no end at all. When out of the earth, human beings know how small they are, just like a little ant. Although become the master of the earth, in the face of natural disasters, still powerless, can only sit quietly waiting to die. There has been a popular saying among the people that it is expected that mankind will have bad luck in 2045, which is the saddest year. Why do you say that? It caused a lot of agitation. For the arrival of 2045, there have been two major plans in history, which are related to the future of mankind!


A big question in everyone’s mind


Everyone wants to achieve immortality. Immortality and resurrection violate the laws of nature. Since ancient times, there are too many emperors who want to obtain the ability of immortality at a great cost, but they have not realized it in the end. It can be seen that there is no such thing as changing fate against heaven. Since entering the modern society, human life has been changed by science and technology and become more convenient. Everyone does not want to leave this beautiful world. When faced with death, it is hard to avoid a sense of fear. Many people want to know what the world is like after death?


2045 will be the year of human immortality or death, which implies the fate of mankind. Everything in the world has life, beginning and end. Everyone will have the day to end. Human beings are the most special because they have wisdom and can create different technologies. Once upon a time, a technology of freezing human body was introduced, which many people feel unreasonable. This has completely violated the laws of nature, but this way may help human beings achieve immortality.


Why is 2045 called the year that decides the fate of mankind


More than that, Russia has also put forward a plan, namely the avatar plan, which is inextricably linked with the artificial intelligence built by human beings today. It is not difficult to find that artificial intelligence is fully integrated into all aspects of life. One premise is that it can only be carried out under the control of human beings. Not surprisingly, when AI reaches the second stage, the brain of the deceased person will be transplanted to the machine, and the robot may have consciousness in an attempt to extend human life in this way. I have to admit that this way can achieve immortality, but this expectation is not good. But why do you say that?


Human body and consciousness can not be completely separated. Even if a person dies, his consciousness can not exist alone. This is just a new research direction. The probability of realizing it is very small. Moreover, there is a big problem to worry about. If artificial intelligence has consciousness, what should human beings do? Scientists think about all these problems, artificial intelligence has been completely involved in the future of mankind. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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