2050 is known as the most critical year for mankind, which is related to the future destiny. Why do you say that?

2050 is known as the most critical year for mankind, which is related to the future destiny. Why do you say that?


The development of a country can be seen from science and technology, economy, politics and other fields. What’s most gratifying is that China has made breakthrough progress in many fields, both in the aerospace industry and in the field of science and technology. Such rapid development is inseparable from the joint efforts of the Chinese people. Many scientists have spent their lives and left behind many inventions and theories, such as the electric lamp invented by Edison, the airplane invented by the Wright brothers, Einstein’s theory of relativity, Newton’s theory of gravitation and so on. Their contributions to the scientific community can not be explained in a few words.


I don’t know if you have found that since the death of these scientific giants, human civilization has been in a state of stagnation, and how to develop is not as fast as before. Once these great men left many prophecies, but many people didn’t believe the accuracy of these prophecies. Until they came true one by one, they began to panic. 2050 is known as the most critical year for mankind, which is related to the future destiny. Why do you say that?


Human beings have evolved on the earth for millions of years and become the leader of the earth. Although they are the masters of the earth, there are many factors restricting human beings. In particular, human beings are powerless in the face of natural disasters, almost no one can withstand natural disasters. Some scientists speculate that 2050 will be the most painful year for human beings. If not, human beings will experience the sixth mass extinction. What will happen in 2050?


What will happen in 2050?


From the moment of birth, everyone’s life began, life has a beginning and an end, how many people want to change their lives against the weather, and ultimately there is no good end, they can only accept death calmly. A company once introduced a very advanced technology, that is, freezing people. After freezing people, they will thaw or live forever in a few decades. Obviously, this is not a reasonable plan.


Russia once proposed another plan, namely, avatar. The avatar project is inextricably linked with artificial intelligence. If human beings want to achieve immortality, they can extract the human brain directly and put it on artificial intelligence. They can work for human beings with a simple code and work more efficiently. It is not easy to extract the human brain. The most important thing in human body is the brain, which is unique, such as Without brains, this person is no different from a fool.


The brain can not be separated from the body. Moreover, if one day artificial intelligence has its own consciousness, it will not be human beings controlling it, but it will dominate the earth and control human beings. We can’t compete with them with human power, which is more terrible than the sixth mass extinction. Human beings can only survive in the cracks, and no one wants to see such a situation. 2050 is a breakthrough. If human beings can’t control the development of artificial intelligence, maybe everything on earth will be overturned. Do you have such a view on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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