234 million years ago, there was a 1 million year old rainfall, and the reasons behind it worried mankind

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The earth is a beautiful planet of life, and in the long billions of years of life, there are countless kinds of creatures on the earth. What impresses us most is the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Apart from finding a large number of dinosaur fossils around the world, another important reason is that the birth of human beings is closely related to dinosaurs.


Some people may say, how can the birth of human beings be related to dinosaurs? In fact, there is a big relationship behind it. As we all know, human beings are mammals. Without the rise of mammals dominating the earth, human beings would not have been born millions of years ago. Mammals rose after the extinction of dinosaurs. The reason is not that there were no mammals in the age of dinosaurs. In fact, mammals may have been born at the same time as dinosaurs.

However, the age of dinosaurs was the age when dinosaurs dominated the earth. At that time, although mammals had been born, they could not compete with dinosaurs for the hegemony of the earth, so they could only grow obscene and move out at night. Mammals suppressed by dinosaurs have no hope of rising. Only when dinosaurs were exterminated by asteroids in 65 million years did they have the chance to step on the stage of history.

Therefore, the extinction of dinosaurs is very important for the birth of human beings. But dinosaurs dominated the earth for 160 million years. How did dinosaurs rise? The rise of any kind of creature to dominate the earth can not be occasional. There must be deeper reasons behind it. The main reason is that great changes have taken place in the ecological environment. The rise of mammals is due to the great changes in the ecological environment, the extinction of dinosaurs, so the rise of dinosaurs is naturally inseparable from the great changes in ecology, what kind of ecological changes led to the rise of dinosaurs?


At this time, scientists thought of the Carnian proluvial event 234 million years ago. 250 million years ago, the Triassic period just began. At this time, the earth just joined together. We call it the age of Pangea. Originally, land creatures could live well for a long time at this time, but what I didn’t expect was that, 234 million years ago, things suddenly changed dramatically, and there was a Rainstorm on the earth.

Originally, the earth has a perfect ecological environment, and it’s normal to rain, but what I didn’t expect was that the rain lasted for a million years. For the history of the earth, one million years is only a very short time, but for the earth’s ecology, one million years of rainfall is absolutely a disaster.


So how did this million year long rainfall happen? Through a lot of geological exploration and research, scientists believe that volcanic eruption took place in a place called langlia near Alaska and British Columbia of Canada 235 million years ago, which is called langlia volcanic eruption in history.

The langlia volcano erupted for hundreds of thousands of years, releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Based on the oxygen isotope analysis of fossil teeth, scientists found that the global temperature increased by 4-7 degrees Celsius at that time. High temperature makes more surface water evaporate, accelerates the circulation of atmospheric water, and makes rain weather more frequent.

If so, volcanic eruption will not cause continuous rainfall, then why can 234 million years of super volcanic eruption bring 1 million years of rainfall? The fundamental reason is that the underground coal layer was destroyed by lava, a large number of coal was ignited, triggering a series of chain reactions. This is well evidenced by the fact that few coal remains in the Triassic.


Once a large number of coal layers are ignited, the global impact will be completely different. The most obvious effect is the rising temperature. According to the estimation, the sea water temperature at that time is at least about 40 degrees. Such a high temperature makes a lot of sea water evaporate and a lot of water vapor float in the atmosphere. This high temperature climate may last for 10 million years.

This ecological change has also brought a terrible mass extinction event to the earth. Although most of the creatures are extinct, it has become a new kind of creature – Dinosaur. Dinosaur fossils account for 5% of all terrestrial vertebrates in the rocks at the beginning of the Carnian proluvial event, but by the end of the rain, their proportion has soared to 90%.


Before the millions of years of rain, the ancestors of dinosaurs huddled in the southernmost tip of Pangea. But after the rain of undifferentiated magic attack, they have occupied the whole world and become the new overlord of the earth.

Through a large number of geological observation and research, scientists know the Carnian proluvial event that happened 234 million years ago, and also know the reason for the rise of dinosaurs. But at this time, scientists are full of worries about the future of mankind. Why?

From what we have learned above, we know that although the rainfall lasting for millions of years was caused by volcanic eruption, the direct cause was the terrible greenhouse effect brought by the massive emission of carbon dioxide at that time. It is the greenhouse effect that makes the temperature of the earth rise to a certain value before causing terrible rainfall.


After entering the era of science and technology, the development of a large number of industries is also continuously emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the resulting greenhouse effect also makes the temperature of the earth rising. In the past, we thought that temperature rise would melt the ice and snow in the north and south poles, that is to say, the sea level would rise sharply, and there would be no more serious ecological disaster.

However, the Carnian proluvial event makes us realize that once the earth’s greenhouse effect is serious enough to make the ocean temperature reach the temperature value of the Carnian proluvial event, a new round of million year rainfall may occur. At that time, it will bring a devastating disaster to the earth’s ecology, especially to the survival of human beings.


To avoid this, we have to work hard to protect the environment and slow down industrial carbon dioxide emissions. Only when the earth’s environmental temperature is kept within a safe range, it will not eventually lead to ecological collapse and bring irreparable terrible ecological disaster. To do this, we need the joint efforts of every child of the earth.

The earth is the earth of all mankind. Only when everyone has the awareness of environmental protection and the obligation and responsibility to protect the earth, can the greenhouse effect of the earth be really controlled at that time. If we don’t control it, it is possible that the earth’s ecology will collapse as Hawking predicted in hundreds of years. At that time, human beings will lose the beautiful home of the earth.

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