237 people in the village have the same face, which has troubled scientists for many years. What’s the secret?

Everyone is unique in the world, it is with blood and genes, ethics and morality has become an unwritten rule in society. We can see a lot of family members who are related by blood. Some of their facial features are very similar. That’s why they are inherited. There are no as like as two peas in the world, even twins. There are such differences in the world, but there are 237 villages in the world. They are not all related but have a completely identical face.


The living habits of the local people are no different from those of ordinary people


This village is as like as two peas in other villages in India. They have the same lifestyle and eating habits, and have no difference from ordinary people’s lives. But the whole village has the same face. It is really fantastic and has aroused great concern in the academic circles. Every year, scientists come to this village, hoping to use scientific solutions to solve the problem. “” Explain this strange phenomenon.


If there is any difference between the villagers and human beings in this village, it is the nose. The nose of the local people is wide, similar to the conical shape, the eyebrows are thick and protruding, the lips are also very broad, and there are some wrinkles under their eyes, regardless of men, women, old and young. Even the villagers who live together day and night will inevitably admit their mistakes, let alone outsiders. Although they are used to this phenomenon, the local people don’t know why it happened.


Scientists have found a special element in the water they drink


There was once a German scientist who thought that it might be the “non lineage phenomenon” in the evolution of life. The probability of this phenomenon is very low, which is very rare in nature, but it is not impossible. After scientists came to this village, they analyzed the composition of their daily food and water wells, and found that there was a lot of platinum in the local water source, which may be the main cause of genetic variation. Due to the local pregnant women drinking water containing platinum elements, affecting the development of the fetus, the whole village people have to rely on this well to drink water, resulting in such a phenomenon.


Consanguineous marriage may also contribute to this phenomenon


Some people think that the local villagers’ life is relatively closed and their ideas are relatively backward. In this village, the custom of consanguineous marriage still prevails. Because all the offspring are related by blood, no matter how they are combined, the offspring have similar genes and appearance. The reason for this phenomenon is still controversial. Although every guess seems reasonable, there are many loopholes, and so far scientists have not given a clear explanation.


With the passage of time, this situation has not been improved, so the local people in order to adapt to this situation, also explored a lot of special methods to identify. They judge everyone’s identity by observing their voice and movement habits. What do you think is the cause of this phenomenon?

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