24 “new earths” have been discovered, which are more suitable for human survival than the earth, 100 light-years away from us

Since the birth of life on the earth, human beings have been constantly transforming the earth. They have always been penny pinching the earth’s resources and boasting that they are like sand. Hawking, the most famous physicist, once predicted that the days when we human beings live on the earth are numbered, and the extinction of the earth is something we will face sooner or later. Therefore, it is urgent to find a planet suitable for us to live outside the earth as soon as possible, so scientists have been exploring to find other livable planets.

What is a livable planet?


It’s impossible for scientists to clone the earth, so they have to find a new way to find a livable planet. So what is a livable planet? In fact, the criteria for livability are very simple, such as the mass, volume, surface temperature of the planet, including the age of the planet, whether there are water resources in it, the distance from the star, and so on. However, it is worth mentioning that the existence of life on a livable planet is not necessary, just the conditions conducive to the reproduction and growth of life on the planet.

After continuous exploration and research, scientists finally selected only 24 habitable planets from more than 4000 planets. And American scientists believe that these selected planets are more habitable than Earth. Why on earth?

24 livable planets, with six elements, are more livable than the earth


It’s not easy for scientists to select 24 livable planets from thousands of planets. These 24 livable planets all have six common elements. First, they are very stable stars, which are the most livable of all star systems. Second, they all have geomagnetic fields. Third, they all have atmospheres. Fourth, they are just right in size, aren’t they Fifth, there are some other larger planet guardians around these habitable planets. Once a meteorite falls, they will be resisted by these larger planets. There is no need to worry about being hit. Sixth, they are all in the habitable zone of the galaxy.

Only in this way can human beings live for a long time


Human beings have been living on the earth for thousands of years. Among many stars, the earth belongs to the rock planet, and is also the planet with the most mineral resources and elements. The earth is the oldest planet in the universe, and it has been more than 4 billion years old. It constantly shapes its own environment, changing with each passing day. If a habitable planet wants to be as stable as the earth, it must have a suitable distance, not too close to the center of the galaxy, nor too far away. It is only suitable to live in a suitable range, which is called the habitable zone of the galaxy by scientists. Secondly, the protective magnetic field and volume of a habitable planet are large enough to retain the atmosphere. If its mass is 1.5 times that of the earth, its interior will remain active for a longer time. Thus, a long-term stable planet with multiple elements is very important, which is the primary condition for human habitation.

Why are 24 livable planets more perfect than the earth?

After relevant research, scientists found that 24 habitable stars are perfect stars, and their life span is longer than that of the earth. Experts preliminarily predicted that their stable period should be less than 45 billion years, and as long as they do not deviate from the orbit and are always in the habitable zone, the energy obtained by these creatures on the planet can be guaranteed. In addition, from the overall appearance, the 24 livable planets are larger and better than the earth. With the passage of time, the sun will become hotter and hotter, and the livable zone will gradually move outward. Finally, the earth will face exhaustion. However, the 24 livable planets do not have the ultraviolet radiation produced by the strong magnetic field, and there will be no high-energy explosion. In contrast, the 24 livable planets have the same characteristics Life will be longer and more perfect than the earth.


Many people will ask how far away is such a perfect planet from us? Experts predict that the distance from us is more than 100 light years. The most pessimistic thing is that human beings may never be able to fly out of the solar system and reach a livable planet. Unless we can develop a flying lightboat, the speed of this lightboat has exceeded our perception. However, we believe that one day, with the continuous development of science and technology, human beings will eventually realize this good wish.

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