240000 years ago, aliens came to earth to establish Sumerian civilization. Evidence is found in ancient books!

When it comes to early human civilization, many people may think of the four ancient civilizations on earth, namely ancient India, China, ancient Egypt and Babylon. At present, the only one that exists, of course, is China with 5000 years of cultural history. In fact, in addition to these four ancient civilizations, there have been other civilizations in world history, such as the Maya civilization.


Although the Mayan civilization was in the Neolithic age, we can not deny that at that time we had developed to a higher level, and they could make great achievements in agriculture, aerospace and many other fields. In addition, the oldest civilization of mankind should be the Sumerian civilization from Mesopotamia. Sumerian civilization, also known as the two river civilization, is the earliest civilization in Western Asia, and Sumerians are the greatest witnesses of this civilization.

It is reported that the Sumerian civilization appeared in about 3500 BC, that is, more than 1000 years ago. At that time, the Sumerian civilization had established the most prosperous metropolis on the earth. They lived more regularly. They had their own laws, had their own army, and set up schools to teach. However, there are many controversies about the origin of Sumerian civilization.


The origin of Sumerian civilization is believed to come from stars and planets in the sky. Of course, this view is not groundless. There are eight generations of monarchs in Sumerian rulers, but Sumerian civilization has existed for thousands of years. Although it seems that every generation of kings has a long life, modern science tells us that human beings can live for 120 years at most. So why can eight generations of Kings rule civilization for thousands of years?


According to the records of Sumerian civilization, eight monarchs ruled for 240000 years, but the origin of the first generation of monarchs is more mysterious. Ancient books record that the first generation of monarchs came from the gods, that is, other planets. Moreover, in the ancient books left by Sumerians, almost the same pattern as the modern star pattern can be found. Did they have a star pattern in 3500 BC Tools?

In the space age, a group of intelligent creatures appeared in the Persian Gulf. Their appearance was very different from that of human beings. Just like the fish of human beings, under their rule, Babylon entered the stage of civilization. Judging from the time and the records in ancient literature, more and more people think that the emergence of Sumerian civilization is not accidental, but for a certain reason, that is, 240000 years ago, aliens came to the earth and left this splendid civilization. What do you think of the emergence of Sumerian civilization? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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