250 million years ago, prehistoric creatures invented hibernation ability, but also escaped extinction!

250 million years ago, the earth’s overlord not only escaped extinction, but also became the “ancestor” of hibernation!


The survival of the fittest has always been followed in nature. The strong are getting stronger and stronger, and the weak are bullied and eventually eliminated. Some animals have acquired all kinds of skills in harsh environment. In their long evolution, they have some special survival skills, such as hibernation. Winter is extremely cold. Therefore, when winter comes, many hibernating animals will store food and build nests. After winter comes, reduce the metabolism level of the body through hibernation to avoid energy consumption.

In fact, there are many animals with hibernation ability in nature, so who is the paleontologist who invented this ability? This problem has puzzled scientists for many years. A recent research paper pointed out that a prehistoric creature 250 million years ago may have learned to hibernate long ago. It can also be called the ancestor of hibernation. It is a water dragon. What kind of creature is it? 250 million years ago, the earth’s overlord not only escaped extinction, but also became the “ancestor” of hibernation!


What are the physical characteristics of water dragons?


It was born in Triassic period, mainly distributed in Antarctica, India, South Africa and other regions. According to the fossils found, it can be judged that its shape is huge, its neck is very short, and its body is like a bucket. It is quite similar to today’s hippopotamus. Its body length is about one meter, and it has very sharp teeth. Whether it lives on land or in the sea is not known. Its nostril structure allows it to travel freely underwater. Although its face looks fierce, experts believe it is a herbivore. It has a horny beak in its mouth, which can cut off hard plants.

The new supersedes the old. The researchers as well as like as two peas, and the researchers have analyzed the metabolism of the tusk fossils. One of the pressure marks is exactly the same as the pressure marks of hibernating animals. So they judged that the dragon’s animal had the ability to hibernate, and the area where it lived was relatively cold. It also encountered the polar night. So in this period of time, it can only extend its life through hibernation.


The main reasons for the extinction of Water Dragons


Since it is not a carnivorous animal, how did it survive so long? The water dragon has not only the ability to hibernate, but also the ability to dig holes. After the advent of mass extinction, most of the animals on the earth have been eliminated, only the water dragon beast survived. As a result, it gradually lost its natural enemies and searched for food in the water and land for about 1 million years. The population size became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared in the long river of history.

It once ruled the earth. Although it is a carnivorous animal, its ability is no less than that of dinosaurs. It may be the existence of water dragons that more and more animals master the ability of hibernation. Only in this way can a race continue intact. It’s a pity that this kind of creature can’t escape the doom of extinction and will disappear in the public’s view forever. If it is still alive now, it is estimated that human beings are not its competitors. What do you know about water dragons? You can leave a message for interaction.

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