26 years ago, scientists witnessed a historic big impact event, which sounded the alarm for mankind

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, and also the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. We know very little about the environment and safety of this home before human beings go out of the earth. After human beings enter the era of science and technology and initially have astronomical telescopes, we can see the world beyond the earth. However, at this time, we still feel that the world outside the earth is very safe and stable.

It was only with the help of science and technology that human beings finally stepped out of the earth and saw the vast universe that great changes took place in their past cognition. As we learn more and more about the solar system and its surroundings, we are very lucky to find that life on earth can go through billions of years of long evolution. Why?

I believe many friends know that there are countless craters on the moon, which are caused by asteroid impact on the moon in billions of years. It can be seen that asteroid impact is very common in the solar system. Mars is the neighbor of the earth, and there are many craters on its surface. Since the beginning of human exploration on Mars, new craters can be found on Mars almost every year, which shows that today’s firestars are still frequently hit by asteroids.


Moreover, the probe’s continuous exploration of Mars also found that Mars may have been as beautiful a living planet as the earth a long time ago, but it was only after a major change that it became like this. The reason for the major change may be the impact of a huge asteroid.

Although scientists all know that the impact power of a huge asteroid is beyond our imagination, scientists can only simulate how powerful and destructive it is. Many scientists expected to witness such a big impact, and this wish was finally realized 26 years ago.

I believe many people have heard about the impact of comet sumek levy 9 on Jupiter 26 years ago. That impact caused a sensation in the world and made mankind witness the violent celestial body impact in the solar system for the first time. It is of great significance for human beings to study the asteroid impact, the mystery of Jupiter and the formation of celestial bodies.

On March 24, 1993, American astronomers Eugene and Caroline SUMEC, together with astronomer David Levy, discovered the large comet at Palomar Observatory in California. Because this is the ninth comet they found, it was named comet SUMEC levy 9.


Scientists have found that the comet sumek levy 9 does not orbit the sun, but around Jupiter. And it’s expected to be torn up by Jupiter’s powerful gravity in July 1994 and hit Jupiter. The conclusion of the calculation makes astronomers excited. In the past, such a huge asteroid impact event can only be seen through simulation, and the real impact has not been seen in reality.

Fortunately, there is still a year to go before comet SUMEC levy 9 hits Jupiter, which is enough time for scientists to do a lot of preparation. At that time, powerful telescopes around the world were adjusting their orbits and targeting Jupiter. At the same time, the Jupiter probe Galileo and the newly upgraded Hubble Space Telescope also joined the mission.

On July 8, 1994, when comet SUMEC levy 9 was 40 thousand kilometers away from the surface of Jupiter, it split into 21 pieces because of Jupiter’s strong gravity, and then began to impact the southern hemisphere of Jupiter on July 16, 1994.


Although the giant comet is divided into 21 pieces by Jupiter’s gravity, it is impossible to really see a complete giant celestial body impact on Jupiter, but the 21 pieces still have a strong impact on Jupiter, among which the largest g fragment has an impact power of 6 megatons of TNT, which is equivalent to 750 times of the total global nuclear weapons reserves, causing a more serious impact on Jupiter than the earth Big scars.

Then other debris hit Jupiter one after another, forming many obvious scars in Jupiter’s atmosphere. Such scars make us sad. Fortunately, Jupiter is huge enough that such an impact will not have much impact on Jupiter. Although the impact of comet SUMEC levy 9 on Jupiter ended in a very short time, it left us with a deep thought.

The comet’s impact on Jupiter has once again sounded an alarm for mankind. You know, a G fragment of light hitting Jupiter has produced a scar larger than the earth. If it hits the earth, its power is far greater than that of the asteroid that hit the Earth 65 million years ago. The asteroid impact 65 million years ago caused the extinction of dinosaurs and 80% of the species on earth.

If G debris hits the earth, it may cause more than 90% of the biological extinction, which may directly cause the extinction of all life on the earth and completely destroy the earth’s ecosystem. The G fragment is only the largest one of the 21 fragments of comet SUMEC levy 9. If the complete comet SUMEC levy 9 directly impacts the earth, the earth may also fall apart and disappear into the solar system.


Scientists saw the terrible power of large asteroid impact with their own eyes, so they had a sense of crisis. Since then, the concept of Planetary Defense has become popular, and more and more attention has been paid to the tracking and research of near earth objects. The U.S. Congress even requires NASA to monitor near earth objects with a diameter of more than 1 km.

One of the reasons why the earth has been able to develop safely and stably for a long time and avoid the impact of large asteroids is the protection of Jupiter ahead. Maybe in the past, people thought that Jupiter was the patron saint of the earth a little exaggerated, but when people really saw the terrible impact of comet sumek levy 9 on Jupiter, they really understood that the patron saint of the earth was absolutely true.

Without the protection of Jupiter, the earth may not know how many times it has been hit by a large asteroid in billions of years, life may not evolve safely and stably, and human beings may not be born. We need to know that the evolution from simple life to intelligent life is a long process, which takes billions of years to complete. If the earth’s external environment is not safe, this long evolutionary process will not be realized, and human beings will not be born.


Of course, this kind of luck of the earth will not exist forever. Maybe at any time, a giant asteroid will bypass Jupiter and hit the earth. So if we want to get rid of the threat of asteroids, we still need to rely on the power of science and technology. As long as the power of science and technology is strong enough, we have multiple choices. If human beings have the ability to destroy asteroids, they can nip the asteroids that hit the earth in the bud.

If the asteroid’s level is too large, such as comet sumek levy 9, when we have no ability to destroy and intercept it, we can only evacuate and take human beings away from the earth and migrate to other planets by spaceship. In fact, as long as human beings have the ability of interstellar navigation in the future, no matter asteroid impact, planetary impact or other cosmic disasters can not threaten human beings.

Because at that time, the whole universe was our home. Unless the universe was destroyed, we would be able to move freely in the universe. Even in the infinite future, human civilization might develop into a wandering civilization, building spaceships as big as galaxies. There would be no waves in the universe, and it would be our home everywhere.

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