300 light-years away from the earth, the probe photographed the solar system “replica”, the environment is highly similar!

300 light-years away from the earth, the probe photographed the solar system “replica”, the environment is highly similar!


13.8 billion years ago, the universe was formed by a singularity explosion, and then more and more star systems emerged, which covered the universe with a mysterious veil. Compared with the age of the universe, the earth is not worth mentioning. The history of the solar system and the earth is similar. In this long evolution time, many clues about the formation of the solar system have disappeared, and how the solar system was formed ? It has become an eternal mystery.


There are some older galaxies around the solar system, which have a longer history than the solar system. By observing them, we can have some understanding of the past and future of the sun. The most important celestial body in the solar system is nothing more than the sun. The sun continuously provides light and heat, which makes the earth warm and breeds everything in the world. Once there is no sun, the earth will fall into a dark world. In the face of the vast universe, it is inevitable for human beings to panic. We do not know where the end of the universe is. It is quite profound. 300 light-years away from the earth, the probe photographed the solar system “replica”, the environment is highly similar!


The star nearest to the earth should be at least four light-years away. If you want to find a star close to the sun in the universe, it is not likely that the star will emit light. In the range that is easy to observe, there are certain requirements for mass and composition. The discovery of the planet is the most troublesome, because it does not emit light, appears extremely dim, and is easy to be ignored.


European telescope discovers solar system’s “replica”


Recently, the European Super Large Telescope has made a new discovery. It has found a star similar to the sun in a star system. The distance of this star is about 300 km, which can be regarded as the neighbor of human beings. Its volume is almost the same as that of the sun. It is completely like a copy of the sun. It is surrounded by two exoplanets, which are huge. Seeing this scene shocked everyone. Through this discovery, it seems that we can have a deeper understanding of the sun.


The formation time of this planetary system is not long. The main reason is that the planets are not completely cooled and emit dazzling light. Generally, the ancient planets are cooled thoroughly, so it is difficult to be observed. There are still some smaller planets in the interior, which are in the habitable zone, so the possibility of birth of life is still very high. At present, experts have a headache: How did these planets form? Or did they migrate from somewhere? It’s also possible that the gravitational force between the planets is responsible for this formation.


Different images of this replica


This planetary system is not only a copy of the sun, but also highlights the early childhood of the solar system. It almost allows us to review the history of the solar system and have a deeper understanding of the solar system. Although the birth of human beings is not long, but there is a heart of enthusiasm, in the face of the unknown field of that enthusiasm, is not dissipated. One day, mankind will be able to reveal more secrets of the solar system, understand the formation and main characteristics of the solar system, and so on. These are the problems that scientists are making greater efforts to observe. What do you think of the solar system? You can leave a message for interaction.

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