There are five kinds of mentally retarded animals in nature. One is dumber than the other. There is no dumbest, only dumber

The earth is a planet of life, in addition to intelligent life, there are millions of other creatures. Animals are the most common kind of creatures in nature, with the largest number of species. Of course, the intelligence quotient of animals is generally high.

Because there are many kinds of animals, the intelligence quotient of each animal is naturally different. Some animals are naturally very intelligent, such as orangutans and lions, whose intelligence quotient is very high. Other animals are very, very stupid. Many people may think of pigs when they talk about the most stupid animals, because in many people’s eyes, pigs are the stupidest and stupidest animals. Women often say such a sentence: “if a man is reliable, pigs will go up the tree.”.

Through many metaphors, we can see that many people think that pigs are the stupidest and stupidest animals in the world. Is this really the case? In fact, we all have misunderstandings about pigs. In fact, pigs are not stupid. Scientists have come to the conclusion through tests that pigs are the most calm mammals after human beings, including when they face death.

This shows that pigs are not the most mentally retarded animals, on the contrary, they are more intelligent than many animals. Just like the second elder martial brother Zhu Bajie in the journey to the west, he looks stupid. But when we really understand the journey to the west, you will find that Zhu Bajie is the most intelligent person. So what are the most retarded and stupid animals in nature? Today, Xiao Bian and his friends will talk about the five most mentally retarded animals in nature. One of them is more stupid than the other. They are not the most stupid, only more stupid.

Fifth place: Beaver, beaver (scientific name: Castor fiber), is a beaver family, beaver animals. Beaver has a large body, no significant difference between male and female, short head, small eyes, short neck, short and wide limbs, short forelimbs, small feet, strong claws, strong hind limbs, large and flat tail.

Beavers are good at swimming and diving during the day. They don’t hibernate. They are weak in self-defense and timid. They like to eat twigs, bark and roots of many plants. They breed once a year and have 1-6 pups per litter. They live along the forests and rivers in cold temperate and sub cold zones. They are mainly distributed in Europe and few in other regions.

Beaver is a very tenacious animal with strong vitality. They are natural swimmers. Two days after their birth, beavers can swim freely in the river. Although beavers have the title of “architectural genius” in nesting, their intelligence quotient is worrying, and they are often fooled to death. For example, beavers often can’t tell where they are when they nibble on a branch, which leads them to fall from the tree or be killed by the branch.

Fourth place: koala. In the past, many people may not know what kind of animal Koala is. However, since last year’s forest fire broke out in Australia for several months, people all over the world have paid attention to the fire, and at the same time, they also know about koala.

The Australian fire lasted about four months and was not completely put out until last month, in which more than 500 million wild animals were killed. We often see kangaroos on the Internet who are helpless in the fire; koalas who are blackened and stumbling towards the rescue workers This scene is really worrying.

Archaeology, also known as koala, is fat, with thick, disordered hair and no tail. The adult koala is about 70-80cm long and weighs about 10kg. Its body is light gray to light yellow. The color around its abdomen is relatively bright. Its nose is bald, big and round. Its head is round and rolling. The hair on its ears is very fluffy. Its forelimbs have very strong claws and are good at climbing.

Koala is Australia’s national treasure, but also Australia’s unique precious primitive arboreal animals. In 2013, CNN ranked 15th on the list of the world’s loveliest species. When it comes to DOUMENG, koala is definitely among the best. It sleeps 16 to 20 hours a day, which is better than pigs.

The reason why koalas can sleep so well is that scientists think it may be related to their food. Koalas mainly feed on leaves, which are poisonous and hard to digest. And young koala baby will eat koala mother pull out of Baba, do you say koala stupid? Of course, they are also very lucky, eating poisonous leaves every day can also live well, just sleep for a long time.

Third place: roe deer. I believe everyone has heard of this animal. It is about 1.2 meters long and weighs about 30 kg. It has a slender neck, big eyes and big ears. No tusks, hind legs slightly longer than forelimbs, tail short, male roe deer horn, female roe deer horn, male long horn only divided into three forks. Roe deer have yellow body, white hair under the root of tail, and the tail is only 2-3cm. Roe deer like to move in pairs. Male roe deer spend the winter with two or three females and young roe deer. The male roe deer’s horns shed in winter, and the new ones began to grow in March at the latest, and became mature in June and July. Male roe deer use their horns to peel off the bark and leave secretions from the odor glands on their forehead as a sign of their territory. Roe deer are usually twins.

Roe deer (roe deer) are herbivores and live in the sparse forests on hillsides in Northeast, northwest, North China and Inner Mongolia of China. It is one of the common wild animals in Northeast China. Roe deer is of high economic value and has been listed in China’s list of beneficial or important terrestrial wild animals with economic and scientific research value under state protection.

Roe deer are famous for their stupidity. People often say “stupidity roe deer” to describe their mental retardation. They are also known as the “living treasures” of Northeast China. Roe deer often scurry on the road, but once they encounter a car, they will be at a loss, often showing an extremely stupid appearance.

Second place: sheep, this animal may be strange to friends living in the south, but it is too common for friends living in the north, especially in Inner Mongolia. Mutton is a kind of meat with high nutritional value, many people like to eat mutton, especially in winter, mutton is a very good nourishing food.

Sheep’s stupidity is mainly reflected in the leader, they will only blindly follow the leader’s action, and even if the front is a cliff, if the leader jumps down, other sheep will also jump down. I believe this is a deep experience for my friends who live in Inner Mongolia prairie.

First place: owl and parrot. I believe we are not unfamiliar with parrot. It is a kind of intelligent bird and a magical animal in nature that can learn human language. Since parrot can learn from human, it should be a very intelligent animal. How can it be the first mentally retarded animal?

In fact, I’m talking about owls and parrots. You know, there are many kinds of parrots. Not all parrots are smart. Some parrots are stupid. The representative parrot is this kind of owl. It is a plump and round parrot, 59-64cm in length and 950-4000g in weight. It has a pair of relatively short wings.

Although the owl parrot is also a bird, it does not have the same flying ability as other parrots. Because it is the world’s largest parrot, fat and heavy, plus only a pair of very short wings, simply can not fly. Unlike other birds, owls and parrots usually store a large amount of fat in their bodies, making them the heaviest of their kind.

Owl parrot is a nocturnal animal, like to live alone, has a perfect olfactory system. The parrot, who is so fat and inconvenient to move, always wants to climb up the tree. As a result, if he is not careful, he will fall down from the tree and die alive. People joked that it was the gift of nature that such a mentally retarded owl and parrot did not die out. So now the owl parrot is an endangered animal. If we continue to be mentally retarded like this, it may not be long before it will be completely extinct.

Of course, in addition to the above five kinds of mentally retarded animals, there are many mentally retarded animals in nature. They are so stupid in human eyes, but such stupid animals can continue in nature. On the contrary, although human beings are very smart and intelligent, human activities are constantly destroying nature. It is possible that the earth will not be suitable for human survival in hundreds of years. Do you think we are stupid or not?

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