34 years later, the “elephant legs” under Chernobyl are still a threat!

The development of science is not plain sailing. With the vigorous development of human science and technology civilization, our life is also facing many hidden dangers. In 1986, the earth experienced the most serious nuclear leakage accident. At that time, a nuclear power plant in Ukraine exploded, more than 50 tons of radioactive material quickly entered the atmosphere and spread everywhere, even France was affected. This was the Chernobyl nuclear leak, which was a big hit at that time. Up to now, many people who witnessed it still have lingering fear.


What is “elephant leg”?

In December of the year when the nuclear leak happened, in order to detect the data of the nuclear leak, the staff had to risk their lives to come to the disaster site again. When they went to Chernobyl, they saw a strange phenomenon. A large amount of lava like material piled up, burned to the basement of the nuclear power plant, and finally solidified into an “elephant leg” shape, which is also named “elephant leg”. Although the name sounds very mild, its radiation can’t be underestimated. It can kill people in just a few seconds. Decades later, Chernobyl’s elephant legs still pose a fatal threat to human beings.


The harm of nuclear radiation


Who would have thought that such a bad nuclear leak was caused by a small operation, when the No. 4 nuclear reactor overheated and caused an explosion. At the beginning, the local government did not pay special attention to this situation and thought it was just an ordinary nuclear leak. By the time the reaction came, it was too late, and even radioactivity had been detected in the sky over Sweden. Once the accident happened, it must be solved. In the next few weeks, 10 workers in the nuclear power plant died one after another because of long-term exposure to radiation. The impact of nuclear radiation is a long-term mechanism. Decades have passed since the accident. Many people still suffer from cancer. Many newborns are malformed children, and even many children die at a very young age.

At that time, in order to ensure the safety of their lives, the local people were evacuated, but the animals living in Chernobyl had no place to go. At the beginning, these animals were exposed to intense radiation, and their numbers dropped rapidly. But perhaps with the passage of years, these organisms have become immune to nuclear radiation, and their numbers have also rebounded. Although there are many mutated organisms, they are still happy in Chernobyl. Until now, Chernobyl is still a severe radiation area that no one dares to approach. Therefore, when researchers saw the “elephant legs” in the basement, they were also shocked. How did this phenomenon come into being?


How are elephant legs formed?


Due to the overheating of No. 4 reactor, the oil and fuel appeared to melt and steam, which caused the reactor to explode. A large amount of fuel was combined, ejected from the reactor and finally condensed together to form the elephant leg shape, with a total weight of more than 100 tons. Although the proportion of nuclear fuel in elephant legs is small, it is still extremely hot, and the radiation power of these chemicals is still very strong. When the researchers conducted the first study, they found that the radiation ability of elephant legs could reach 10000 roentgen per hour. Many people may have no idea about this number. In fact, it is equivalent to 4.5 million X-rays. If you stay in front of an elephant’s leg for 30 seconds, you will feel dizzy and tired. In two minutes, the human body will bleed, and in five minutes or more, you will die.

Although the radiation ability of the elephant leg is very strong, in order to solve its secret, scientists still tried every means to study it. At that time, scientists made a simple camera, which could take a close-up picture of the elephant leg. Today, the radiation ability of elephant legs is not as good as before, but it will still pose a threat to human life. In order to ensure their own health, scientists also try to use the materials of elephant legs to make replicas.


If this replica can be successfully made, it will be a major breakthrough for the study of nuclear radiation, and it can also better carry out experimental research. Therefore, the development of science will always encounter unexpected difficulties. When we enjoy the convenience provided by science, we should also maintain a sense of awe. I don’t know what you want to say?

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