How does UFO work? She told the truth, the power source or from the universe!

Nowadays, human beings have put their eyes on the universe. Although we have launched many manned spaceships into the universe, the farthest distance has never been out of the galaxy. Over the years, there has been constant news about UFOs coming to the earth. If UFOs really exist, what kind of superb technology do they rely on to roam freely in the universe? Some passers-by who claim to be from other planets have mentioned that the power used by alien UFOs is huge and can be controlled by mind. Is this true?

Omena the Venusian prophecy

There is a lady named Omena who claims to be from Venus. She has predicted the future of the earth and explained a lot of knowledge about the universe to human beings, which we can’t recognize at this stage of education. She also mentioned the Venus spacecraft. According to her description, aliens don’t call their spaceship UFO, but reconnaissance ship. For Venusians, their reconnaissance ship usually doesn’t fly long distance. If you want to carry out a long-distance spaceship, you must use a special mothership.

Spaceship is controlled by mind

Although the functions of these spaceships are different, the general structure is the same. The surface of Venusian spacecraft is very smooth, and the titanium used is also made by special rays. In the eyes of outsiders, there is no access to the spaceship. If you want to enter or come out of the spaceship, you only need to use your mind to control it, and a small hole will appear. The size of the hole can be changed according to human’s mind. When they enter the spaceship, the hole will close and return to its original appearance. Therefore, in our view, spaceships are completely closed.

Enlightenment of UFO to human science and technology

Although we can’t see what the spaceship looks like, we can see the world clearly in the spaceship, which is also the advanced technology of aliens for privacy protection. Although such a statement is really inconceivable to us, and our current level of science and technology can not reach such a level, perhaps this statement can provide some enlightenment for our future science and technology.

The principle of UFO

If you want to fly a spaceship successfully, you must rely on a powerful power system, and the power system that Venusians rely on is solar energy and electromagnetic force. After entering the spaceship, we can see that there is a huge magnetic column in the center of the spaceship. When the magnetic column rotates, it can produce a large magnetic field. Under the action of the magnetic field, the spaceship will not be affected by external gravity. There is a crystal coil under the magnetic column. The function of this coil is to absorb solar energy and convert it into electric energy, so as to realize the circulation of magnetic field.

The energy of the sun is very huge. If human beings can use the energy of the sun, it will make a great leap forward in scientific and technological civilization. However, it will take a long time to realize this grand plan. Why do you think UFO can fly freely in the universe?

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