The vision seen by many eyewitnesses, the prototype can not be found on the earth, is it in the parallel universe?

The vision seen by many eyewitnesses, the prototype can not be found on the earth, is it in the parallel universe?

Reality and virtuality seem to be well differentiated, but it’s really hard to distinguish when it comes to someone. Since the improvement of science and technology, the emergence of mobile phones, computers, and a variety of games, many people indulge in the game every day, can not distinguish between virtual reality, only know to enjoy a moment of happiness, blindfolded by science and technology. Science and technology is a double-edged sword. We can’t control the development of science and technology, but we can use it effectively and reasonably instead of being controlled by science and technology. Fortunately, relying on the power of science and technology, human beings have successfully landed in outer space, and have a deeper understanding of the universe, which also leads to many conjectures.

Cognition and speculation of parallel universe

Some scientists believe that in the vast universe, there is no single universe, perhaps we live on more than one earth. People have different opinions on it. Some people even think that the dream we dream every day is another parallel world. Everyone has the same experience. When we sleep at night, there are all kinds of dreams. When we wake up in the morning, the plot in the dream is vague, as if it has been deliberately erased. So is the dream the so-called parallel world? The vision seen by many eyewitnesses, the prototype can not be found on the earth, is it in the parallel universe?

This problem has puzzled scientists for a long time. There are many different explanations for parallel universes. One is that the universe, like the earth we live on, may be larger than the universe. In other words, the multiverse, in each world there are different us, perhaps we in today’s world is poor, in another world may be rich, all these are uncertain.

Aegean mirage in history

Since there is the concept of parallel universe, it certainly does not appear out of thin air in history. There have been many strange cases. We must have heard of mirage. It refers to a picture formed under the refraction or reflection of light. Many witnesses have witnessed the existence of mirage. It has rules to follow.

Usually, the mirage can be found on the earth. But in 1954, the Aegean mirage incident was unpredictable. At that time, some witnesses said they saw people dressed in strange shapes. They came from the Viking period. They are too far away from now, and the existing knowledge can not be explained clearly. Therefore, they can only be connected with the parallel universe, otherwise they will not be able to explain There is no explanation. In addition, the ghost blood mirage in North America has also become a big problem. They all seem to be connected with the parallel universe, but they can not produce enough evidence to prove it.

Parallel world is an invisible territory, many people still believe in the existence of parallel universe. After all, many strange things have happened in our life. For example, when we see a person or do something, we have an inexplicable sense of familiarity. To be sure, we haven’t seen or done it before, but this feeling is very kind and familiar. Maybe it’s related to the parallel universe. What do you think of parallel universes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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