4 000 tons of oil spill, once known as the “holiday” paradise of Mauritius, or no longer exist!

4 000 tons of oil spill, once known as the “holiday” paradise of Mauritius, or no longer exist!


There are many places on the earth that are known as holiday paradise, and many places are listed as forbidden zones for human beings, forming a sharp contrast. For those who love to travel, they love to travel to these holiday paradise. They can enjoy incomparable happiness and broaden their horizons. Nature is amazing, these places are known as holiday paradise, there must be its advantages. Have you heard of Mauritius? The environment here is elegant and the praise is constant, but now Mauritius has become beyond recognition, forming two extremes.


On July 25, a terrible accident happened in Mauritius. A freighter carrying more than 4000 tons of fuel oil suddenly ran aground on the beach of Mauritius, and the bottom of the ship cracked. Finally, all the oil leaked to the sea level of Mauritius, which was full of oil. The large area of coverage made the color of the sea black and gave off a pungent smell. 4 000 tons of oil spill, once known as the “holiday” paradise of Mauritius, or no longer exist!


The current situation of Mauritius after the oil spill


It was a big accident. Before long, countless fish bodies were floating on the surface of the sea in Mauritius. All those beautiful scenes disappeared, leaving only a thick oil slick floating on the sea. The life of local residents has also been seriously affected. The serious damage to the marine system has made those fishermen no longer have income. They are running back and forth every day for their livelihood, but they can’t do anything about it. All this is so bad.


At that time, after the accident, dozens of crew members quickly evacuated from the scene. The huge freighter was still floating on the sea. Originally, they wanted to find a fence to encircle the ship. At least the fuel would not spread to other waters. Unfortunately, the sea was rough, and this idea did not come true. What is the concept of more than 4000 tons of fuel oil? Once the oil spills, it will bring devastating disaster to Mauritius. Seen from the sky, the red area is the area where the oil spills. Because of the continuous expansion of the ship’s cracks and the rapid emergence of oil, this pure sea area no longer exists. The color changing scene is shocking.


Environmental protection has become an urgent issue


Now that we have entered a state of emergency of environmental pollution, Mauritius has become like this. No one wants to see this picture. People use shovels to clean up oil on the coast and make simple protective clothing. Unfortunately, human beings are extremely weak in front of nature. Despite numerous efforts, the status quo has not been alleviated. This will be the biggest environmental pollution in Mauritius Events have caused irreversible damage to the marine ecosystem. It is estimated that we will never see those precious animals and plants again. The destruction of their homes is heartbreaking.


There is no regret medicine in the world. Once something happens, we have to bear the consequences. The once dreamy holiday paradise can never come back. Human beings can only learn from history and hope that similar events will not happen in the future. Mauritius has become full of holes, and marine life is homeless and going extinct. All these disasters have a great impact on human behavior It’s time for human beings to give themselves a little warning. It’s urgent to protect the ecological environment. What do you think when you see the current situation in Mauritius? You can leave a message for interaction.

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