400 million years ago, before dinosaurs and humans were born, what was the earth like at that time?

13.8 billion years ago, a mysterious singularity beyond our imagination exploded, and the universe was born. The universe after the universe continues to expand rapidly, and the whole space extends rapidly all around. At the same time, all kinds of materials, celestial bodies and galaxies also begin to form.

The solar system we live in was born 5 billion years ago. At that time, the position of the solar system was just a nebula. In the continuous rapid rotation of the nebula, a large amount of dust began to gather to the center, so the center of the nebula continued to condense to form the later star sun.

After the formation of the sun, the leftovers formed eight planets and other asteroids. Our earth is one of the eight major planets in the solar system. It was born 4.6 billion years ago. The newly formed earth is not beautiful at all. There are rocks everywhere, which can be called a purgatory planet.


As time goes on, the earth gradually cools down and becomes stable. At this time, the earth has formed a thick atmosphere with a lot of liquid water on its surface. So early simple primitive life began to be born in the ocean, about 3.8 billion years ago.

The core of life growth is evolution and evolution. Simple life can grow into complex life through evolution and evolution, and complex life can grow into intelligent life through evolution. Human beings were born 5 million years ago, and before the birth of human beings, there was also a very brilliant era on the earth, that is, the age of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago, dominating the earth for 160 million years. At that time, there were a large number of dinosaurs all over the world, but later an asteroid destroyed them. So what was the earth like before dinosaurs? Someone once asked this question: 400 million years ago, before dinosaurs and humans were born, what was the earth like at that time?

Some people may think that the earth 400 million years ago was certainly not as beautiful as it is now. Is this really the case? If you think so, you are very wrong. Although dinosaurs were not born 400 million years ago, there were abundant species at that time. Of course, mammals were not born at that time.


The earth 400 million years ago was very beautiful. In the words of scientists, it was a paradise in our dreams. In the eyes of many people, heaven is a beautiful world in fantasy, and the beauty of the earth 400 million years ago can be compared with heaven. So how beautiful is it? You know, 400 million years ago, there was no pollution on the earth. At that time, the sky was very, very blue. At night, the sky was filled with stars, which were extremely bright. The moon was much bigger than it is now.

Therefore, the night 400 million years ago was much brighter than it is now, and the structure of the earth’s surface at that time was also very different. If you look at it from space, you will find that there was only one supercontinent, which was surrounded by vast oceans.

I believe many friends know that the earth’s six plates are actually split from a supercontinent, so the early earth did not have six plates, only one plate, which we call Pangea. Pangea began to split into six plates about 234 million years ago.


So, when the earth was a supercontinent 400 million years ago, we can imagine what a huge land it was when six plates merged into one. Beyond the land is the vast ocean. Since the primitive life of the earth was born in the ocean, the biosphere 400 million years ago was dominated by marine life, and the terrestrial life may be very rare at that time.

And 400 million years ago, apart from being rich, there is another obvious feature in common, that is, being large, both plants and animals are extremely large. For example, mushrooms and other plants can grow up to 7 meters high, and marine organisms are also Big Macs, many of which are more than 100 meters long. One reason for this is that the mainland has not yet been separated from each other, and food and resources are very abundant.

Another important reason is that the oxygen content of the earth was very high at that time, and high oxygen content was easy to create relatively large organisms. Because the oxygen content is very high, so plants have sufficient nutrients to absorb. A small mushroom can grow to 7 meters. We can imagine how high other plants, especially trees, will be.

Therefore, 400 million years ago, the earth’s land was a world of plants, a beautiful tropical rain forest. I believe many friends have seen the movie “Avatar”. In the movie, the beautiful virgin forest on Pandora is equivalent to the earth continent 400 million years ago. We all admire the beautiful ecological forest scene on Pandora, but the earth had the same beautiful ecological environment 400 million years ago.


The beautiful virgin forest of Pandora has given birth to many extremely huge creatures. In fact, the creatures on earth 400 million years ago are much larger than those on Pandora. It was an era of beauty based on greatness. It was precisely because of the beautiful ecological environment under the high oxygen environment that the era of insects dominating the earth appeared in Pangu.

I believe many people have heard of the age of giant insects, which is no less brilliant than the age of dinosaurs. It was about 250 million years ago. The high oxygen environment made the first insects very big. The wingspan of ordinary dragonflies can reach 2 meters, and the body length of centipedes can reach 3 meters. There are very big insects everywhere, and insects have a strong reproductive capacity, so there is a scene of insects dominating the world.

Later, Pangu continent began to split, volcanic eruptions, the earth fell into a great ecological change, so the mass extinction began. In this mass extinction, most of the creatures were eliminated, but dinosaurs took advantage of the opportunity to rise. From only 5% of the biological world before extinction to 95% after extinction, the whole earth completely became the home of dinosaurs, so a glorious era of dinosaurs began.


Someone once asked this question: if dinosaurs were not extinct by asteroid impact 65 million years ago, would human beings be born? In fact, many people will think about this question. Do you think human beings will be born? Human beings are mammals. If human beings want to be born, first of all, the hegemony of the earth will fall on mammals.

If there had been no asteroid impact, dinosaurs would not have been extinct. At that time, mammals could not have risen in the era of dinosaur dominance. We still have to hide in the dark and develop slowly, while dinosaurs will evolve more quickly. There will be two final results for human beings. One is that they will never be born. Finally, a branch of dinosaurs will evolve into intelligent life, and the hegemony of the earth will fall on dinosaurs.

Another result is that dinosaurs will never give birth to wisdom, while human beings will still appear, only very late. It is possible that human beings are still in the very primitive stone age. This shows how lucky the birth of mankind is. Although the asteroid will bring devastating disasters to the earth, here we would like to thank the asteroid 65 million years ago. Without it, there would be no human today.

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