400000 Burmese pythons wreak havoc in the United States, wantonly strangling native species, and Americans try to eat them up

With the change of ecological environment, species invasion has become a common occurrence. Compared with “Tumbleweed invading the United States”, “hare invading Australia”, “scavenger invading China” and so on, in peacetime, with the increase of trade among countries in the world, species breaking regional ecological boundaries has become an inevitable trend, and human beings are bound to need it at this time Be alert to species invasion, because with the increase of species invasion, it will completely destroy the ecological balance and bring serious impact on human life.

Burmese pythons are rampant in the United States, seriously damaging the local ecosystem


Burmese pythons are nocturnal and like humid environment


Burmese python is one of the five species of snakes in the world. The biggest difference between Burmese Python and other snakes is that Burmese python has a mild personality. Even so, Burmese python is still aggressive to human beings. Burmese pythons are brown. When they grow to six meters, they will be thicker than the waistline of an adult man. Burmese pythons like to lie down in the daytime and come out at night. Most of the time, they hide in the bushes and are good at climbing and swimming. They can stay in the water for more than half an hour at most. Moreover, Burmese pythons like to live near the water source.

Burmese python is a carnivore, and its prey is basically lactating animals. The natural enemies of Burmese python when young are crocodiles and giant lizards. With the growth of age, Burmese python has almost no natural enemies when it comes to adulthood, so it can kill crocodiles and lizards. Female Burmese python is larger than male Burmese python, which is the second largest snake in Asia, only next to reticulated python. The first time I heard the name of Burmese python, I believe many people have already understood that this kind of creature should grow in Myanmar. However, in addition to Myanmar, Burmese pythons are distributed in Cambodia, India, Vietnam, including South China.

The picture shows a wild Burmese python

2. Why are Burmese pythons flooding in the United States?

Unexpectedly, Burmese pythons are not native to the United States, but nearly 400000 Burmese pythons have been rampant in the United States. The distance from the United States to Myanmar is at least 13350 kilometers. Why are these Burmese pythons flooding in the United States? This is directly related to irresponsible American breeders.


When the Burmese python was first introduced to the United States, it was only regarded as a kind of pet for raising and watching. These snake lovers are always happy with the young “Burmese python”. As the Burmese python grows larger and larger, the breeding lovers have no ability to raise and control them, so they have to throw them into the wild. Especially in Florida, there are many swamps and wetlands, which are very suitable for Burmese python to survive. They are discarded here. The Everglades have become a happy paradise for Burmese python. No animals can attack and hurt them at will. Burmese python has become the new overlord here.

In addition, Burmese pythons breed very fast. They are egg laying animals. They can lay up to about 50 eggs at a time, sometimes as many as 80 eggs. Scientists once found nearly 90 eggs in the belly of a Burmese python more than 5 meters long. In order to improve the survival rate of offspring, Burmese python will produce heat through muscle contraction to hatch its young. Due to the lack of natural enemies, the Burmese python lives a very leisurely and happy life in the United States.

The picture shows a harmless pet Burmese snake

3. What is the impact of Myanmar Python flooding on the United States?


In the relevant data investigation, the number of raccoons in Florida has decreased by 99.3% since 1997, and many species such as bobcat and swamp rabbit have almost disappeared. From this aspect, we can see that the unrestrained Burmese python has caused serious damage to the ecological environment of the United States. The number of rare animals in the United States has begun to decline, and even alligators have been affected. Relevant zoologists believe that if the number continues to grow, boa constrictors are bound to move outward and expand their areas of activity. It is estimated that boa constrictors will occupy one third of the land in the United States. This deterioration will pose a threat to American residents.

“It’s incredible that we met this kind of Python when we went fishing with some friends in the wild. It’s huge and very long. We didn’t dare to disturb it. We ran away in a hurry. Since there are more and more Burmese python, we seldom go for an outing in the wild. This kind of guy is really abominable,” said the resident of a small town in Florida

The red triangle shows where the Burmese python was found

How to solve the problem of Burmese python flooding in the United States?



Burmese python was moved to the dining table and became a delicacy

As Burmese pythons are becoming more and more rampant in the United States, Americans are suffering from serious pressure, and even want to use “legislation” to move the python to the dining table to control the number of Burmese pythons. So can Burmese python eat? Compared with other snakes, Burmese python is non-toxic, and its meat can be eaten. But as for whether it tastes good or not, it mainly depends on the cook’s cooking methods. A Florida snake Hunter said: “I often catch this kind of giant boa constrictor. Its meat is very fat and wild. Only people with strong taste will like it.”

For example, Burmese snake curry in water is recommended on American websites, where Python meat is boiled with lemon peel, rough lemon grass stem, green onion peel, garlic and ginger in a few ounces of water. When the meat becomes soft, remove the python meat and allow it to cool, separating the bones from the meat.

Then stir fry shallots over low heat until light brown. Add ginger, garlic and all the other spices. Increase the temperature and continue stirring for 3 minutes. Add sliced and diced Burmese snake meat. Add rice wine, a glass of water and salt. Turn down the heat until it’s cooked, then add a plate of hot rice and cooked seasonal vegetables.


The picture shows Burmese snake curry cooked in water

However, it is worth mentioning that with the intensification of human industrial activities, the ecological environment of Florida has been affected, and the meat of Burmese python has also been polluted by mercury. Long term consumption of Burmese python will have a serious impact on human health. So is this mercury really from human industrial activities? Yes, it’s a natural element in the earth’s crust. With the intensification of human industrial activities, a large amount of mercury is released into the atmosphere, and then it will return to the earth through rainfall or snowfall.

In the wild swamps of Florida, mercury pollution is very serious, and Burmese python is also affected. Therefore, if this wild animal is moved to the dining table, Americans need to detect whether there is a large amount of mercury in Python. Only in this way can the safety of American food be ensured. However, if we only rely on this way of eating to control the number of Burmese python, I am afraid there are still limitations. After all, the population of the United States is limited, and it is difficult to catch Burmese python.


Hold competitions and encourage hunting with prizes


In order to quickly control the number of Burmese python, the U.S. government also thought of ways to encourage hunting. As long as Burmese python is caught, cash reward will be given. The longest and the largest Burmese python will get the highest reward. The local authorities will hold competitions to kill Burmese python for many times. Before the competition, the staff will popularize science to help people distinguish between ordinary snakes and Burmese python, so as to avoid accidental killing.

Although it seems that this method works well, Burmese python is very cunning and not easy to be killed. Their whereabouts are also erratic. In addition, the color of their appearance is very similar to that of the grass and branches, so they are easy to hide and the predators are difficult to find. And even if it is found, because of the large size of this python, it is difficult to kill it alone, and a little carelessness will produce a threat.

The picture shows the captured Burmese python



Put giant crocodiles in order to dominate

In order to control Burmese python in a short period of time, the United States also thought of putting alligators in marshes and wetlands to control Burmese python, so that the two ferocious wild creatures restrict each other. At first, this method was very effective. Many Burmese python were attacked by crocodiles and killed one after another. But for Americans, this method is not reliable for a long time, because once the number of crocodiles increases, it will pose a new threat to Americans.

But then there is a new problem. Many giant Burmese pythons will not be killed by alligators. They will even beat alligators and eat them as food.

The picture shows Burmese Python and alligator in a tussle

Is Burmese python really a pest?


Although to a certain extent, Burmese python is aggressive and poses a threat to human beings, in a certain sense, Burmese python is also a kind of beneficial organism, which has not only medicinal value, but also great economic value. For Americans, it’s a blessing in disguise.


Medicinal value of Burmese python

Burmese boa, like other snakes, has strong medicinal value. It can be used as medicine. The book of mountains and seas written during the Warring States period describes that “Ba snake (boa constrictor) eats elephant, and its bones emerge in three years. The gentleman eats without heart and stomach disease”, which can be regarded as the earliest written record of using snake to treat diseases. It is also recorded in Shennong materia medica classic, the first pharmacological work in China . Snake oil can not only treat scald and frostbite, but also treat rheumatoid arthritis, soothing tendons and activating blood circulation and other diseases. Snake gall has the effects of dispelling wind, clearing heat, resolving phlegm and improving eyesight. It is mainly used for infantile malnutrition and hemorrhoids swelling and pain. Snake slough, also known as snake skin and snake shell, is the skin membrane under the snake slough, which has the functions of dispelling wind and calming shock, killing insects, removing haze and swelling, clearing away heat and detoxification. In short, Myanmar Python is a treasure all over the body and has strong medicinal value.


The picture shows Shennong’s herbal classic


Commercial and economic value of Burmese python

Boa constrictor has a high commercial value. In addition to the extremely high nutritional value of snake meat, snake skin can be used as musical instrument membrane or drum skin, and can also be processed into shoes, boots, leather bags and so on. Every year, many businessmen spend a lot of money to hunt giant boa constrictors around the world, and the Burmese boa constrictors in the United States have not escaped these businessmen who are full of copper smelling interests.

The picture shows a snake skin bag


The invasion of alien species has become a vicious circle, and the solution is imminent

Nowadays, the invasion of alien species has been common in the world. The invasion of alien species will gradually intensify with the close international trade, but also become more complex with the changes of climate and ecological environment. The changes of ecological environment and climate promote the spread and establishment of alien species, and create opportunities for them. Some invasive organisms are not only introduced through one way, but also cross introduced through two or more ways. After a large number of invasive organisms breed in foreign countries, they pose a certain threat to human beings. Many invasive plants and weeds in the world not only cause great damage to agriculture and forestry, but also seriously threaten human health. It is urgent for countries in the world to solve the problem of alien species invasion, and it is necessary to take control measures and eradication measures in advance. At the beginning of the invasion of alien species, we should strengthen our awareness to prevent their spread and development.

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