The earth weighs 60 trillion tons. What kind of power supports its suspension in the universe?

The earth weighs 60 trillion tons. What kind of power supports its suspension in the universe?

In 1972, an astronaut piloted Apollo 17 into space and took a close-up picture of the earth 26000 kilometers away, clear and classic. From this picture, we find that the earth is like a blue marble. At a glance, it’s all blue, light blue mixed with some white, and other colors, which means our earth is rich and colorful. Since then, this picture has become an eternal classic.

After carefully observing this picture, many people find a very strange problem. According to the truth, the weight of the earth has reached 60 trillion tons, which is not acceptable to ordinary people. It is even more incredible that such a heavy weight can be suspended in the universe. In this case, many people who are brighter and bigger than the earth are likely to be suspended in the space, so what kind of force can support such a heavy weight without falling down? The earth weighs 60 trillion tons. What kind of power supports its suspension in the universe?

Scientists found that the reason why the earth can be suspended in the air has a very clear relationship with its own gravity. Newton’s law of universal gravitation solved this problem. The larger the mass of the object, the stronger its gravity. Since the earth has such a large weight, it can be seen that its gravity is not small.

In addition, the Milky way is also suspended in the universe. Because the Milky way covers a wide range, it also involves another mysterious matter, namely dark matter. So far, human beings have not found out whether this matter exists. It is just a deduction. It is as invisible as air, but it is certain that scientists have found that it is in the universe It’s real. Many stars revolve around the sun. The main reason is that the sun has a mysterious attraction, which is likely to be dark matter, also known as dark energy.

At present, scientists can not explain these strange cosmic phenomena with some science, but a large part of the acceleration force in the universe comes from dark matter. In addition to this force, no matter in the universe can have such great power. This kind of dark matter can maintain the normal operation and balance of the universe.

This kind of dark matter is scattered in every corner of the universe, and the energy it produces can have an attraction to drag the galaxy or the earth, making them suspended in the air. It’s like an object falling into the ocean, and the ocean has a buoyancy to hold it up. So it won’t fall down. Scientists are still looking for dark matter, although there is not enough evidence to prove its existence. As long as we continue to explore, we will find it one day. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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