Are aliens in the solar system? NASA found flying objects in Saturn’s rings, 40000 kilometers long!

Since the rise of modern science, the process of human exploration of the universe has been accelerating. In September of this year, China announced that China’s sky eye would start its plan to search for extraterrestrial life, and China has become a great general in exploring extraterrestrial life. Nowadays, the existence of extraterrestrial life has become a fact that many scientists know by heart. Some time ago, NASA also released a video, many people can’t help but exclaim after seeing this video, have aliens really come to the solar system?

Unidentified objects in Saturn’s rings

This video was taken by the Cassini satellite. We can see three rectangular unidentified objects in Saturn’s rings. The volume of these three unidentified objects is very huge, and the length even reaches 40000 km, which is almost the same as the volume of a nuclear submarine. This discovery surprised scientists. In fact, this is not the first time that humans have photographed unidentified objects in the universe. The reason for their surprise is that these three unidentified objects are still relatively clear. They think that this may be an alien spaceship.

UFO near the sun

In the past year, Parker had photographed such a picture, in the sun suddenly appeared below a square object. As we all know, the temperature of the sun is extremely high. Without full assurance, we dare not send a detector to the sun. However, this unidentified object can move around the sun, which is enough to show how high its tolerance limit is and how advanced its science and technology level is.

Are aliens absorbing cosmic energy?

If the unidentified objects in Saturn’s rings are UFOs, why did they come to the solar system? Some people think that their presence in Saturn’s rings may be absorbing the energy of these stars. The energy in the universe is very huge. If we can use the energy in the universe to carry out various public welfare activities, we will save most of the earth’s resources. But our technological level is still relatively limited, unable to use the energy of the universe to benefit ourselves. And the technology level of alien civilization is very high, they can use cosmic energy to make up for their lack of power.

Are aliens protecting humans?

Some people think that these three huge unidentified objects are shuttling through Saturn’s rings, perhaps repairing Saturn’s rings. With the continuous evolution of the universe, the rings of the figure are getting darker and darker. Scientists have predicted that the rings of Saturn may disappear in the future, so the alien civilization is actually protecting the stars in the universe. They often travel through the universe without harming human beings. Maybe we are also protected by them.

As our country begins to explore alien life, we believe that the Chinese heavenly eye can play its role. There are many strange radio waves in the universe. If we can receive and decipher them, it will be of great significance to discover intelligent life. Do you think the unidentified objects in Saturn’s rings are aliens?

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