If the moon is replaced by these planets, do you dare to look up? “Monster phobia” again!

If the moon is replaced by these planets, do you dare to look up? “Monster phobia” again!


With the upgrading of the way of human observing the universe, we have not made any substantial progress. On the contrary, the more we know about the universe, the more we feel that human beings are very ignorant. At present, the secret of the universe we have found is just the tip of the iceberg. It shows us how endless the universe is and makes us feel awed. In the past decades, human beings have never given up the observation of the moon. Many scientific experiments are based on the moon, which also plays a certain role in protecting the earth. If such a vital planet is replaced by other planets one day in the future, what will be the position of the moon when human beings look up on the earth What about the scenery?


Mercury Venus Mars replacement


In the solar system, it is not only the earth that has satellites. For example, Jupiter and Saturn also have their own satellites. Although it is not the largest one, the volume ratio of the moon to the earth is the most harmonious and relatively large one. The 380000 km distance between earth and moon is nothing in the universe, but it is enough to put down any one of the eight planets in the solar system.


Mercury, Venus, Mars these three geological planets, they and the earth’s size is almost the same. The reason why we see the moon is very small, hanging like a disk in the sky is that its diameter is much smaller than that of the earth, about 3 / 11 of the diameter of the earth. If these three planets replace the moon, we will see a planet bigger than the moon at night. Although it is much larger than the moon, this change is still within the range of human vision If we change to the following three planets, we will see another scene.


Giant phobia again


The diameter difference between Pluto and Neptune is not big. If these two planets replace the moon, it will make people feel oppressive, but it is not strong enough. At dusk, the blue sky that the sun is about to set is almost integrated, and it will also emit dazzling blue light at night. Jupiter and Saturn can give people a very strong sense of fear directly. Jupiter is more than 1300 times the size of the earth. If the position of the moon is replaced, the whole night sky will be covered in an instant, and the huge planet will feel directly connected with the ground plane.


After Jupiter is replaced, it will not tear up the earth, but will capture the earth and become one of Jupiter’s moons. Although Saturn is not as big as Jupiter, its rings are very frightening. They are 20 kilometers wide. After replacing the moon, the pressure will be stronger than other planets.


These huge planets, after replacing the moon, will make people have a strong sense of tension and oppression. In fact, this is a manifestation of giant phobia. After reading these pictures, many people say that the giant phobia has been committed again. This is not the most terrible. The eight planets are not as big as the sun, and the sun is a grain of dust in front of uy. However, it is not the largest celestial body in the universe, which means that there are more secrets in the universe. What do you think of the giant phobia and the size of these planets?

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