What will human beings look like in 100 million years? The simulation map released by scientists is disturbing!

Scientists first released the simulation map, 100 million years later, the original human look like this!


Since the development of human civilization, it has a solid foundation, evolved step by step, and become more mature. Through its unique brain, human beings have created countless high-tech products, promoted the development of society, and thus stabilized itself as the overlord on the earth. Human beings have never stopped in the course of evolution.


Darwin’s theory of evolution points out that human beings evolved from ancient apes and have thick hair on their bodies. As time goes on, these hair gradually fade away, leaving only some private hair. As time goes on, they still have the ability to do things and create countless achievements of civilization. Over the years, scientists have been puzzled by a big problem. What will human evolution look like in another 100 million years? There are different opinions on this issue, and everyone has their own rich imagination. Scientists first released the simulation map, 100 million years later, the original human look like this!


The change of human being caused by science and technology


Since entering the era of science and technology, we are surrounded by science and technology. Not only our living standards have improved, but now we can eat what we want and buy what we like at home, which benefits from the development of science and technology. Now you can make online friends on your mobile phone without going out for an outing. When you are in a bad mood, you can also play a variety of games, all of which are developing in the direction of intelligence. Over time, human hands-on ability will inevitably degenerate, and even the activity ability of limbs will gradually decline, which has become an inevitable fact. The future direction of human evolution may be even more decadent.


Take the color of the moth for example, the pepper moth mainly lives in the London area. At the beginning, its wings are white. This kind of white can not only protect itself, but also help the body to move. When in danger, the white body can hide in the same color area to cover. With the development of industrialization, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. The white color of pepper moth is easy to be stained. Nowadays, the rest of pepper moths have become black. Few white pepper moths are found in the industry. Until the environment in this area is improved, the color of pepper moth has changed back to white again.


The example of the pepper moth implies human beings


The pepper moth clearly tells us the importance of human environment, and human beings will change with the change of environment. The evolution of species is not to become more advanced, but to better adapt to the environment through genetic change, which is a necessary way, without direction. Only in the nature, most of the weak will be able to get rid of the strong. Otherwise, it is the law that most of the weak will be able to get rid of the strong.


In these billions of years, the earth has been following this principle. Scientists are worried about the future direction of human beings. Human beings have been wantonly destroying the environment and endlessly seeking resources, which has already had a serious impact on the earth. It is impossible to try to change the earth through the power of science and technology. Some scientists predict that in 100 million years’ time, the appearance and shape of human beings may not be the same as before, and their wisdom will also be degraded. Maybe it will not be human beings who dominate the earth by then. What do you think of scientists’ 100 million guesses? You can leave a message for interaction.

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