Following Alipay’s brush payment, WeChat launched “frog Pro”, praised by countless netizens.

As we all know, with the continuous development of smart phones, more and more help has been brought to us. The simplest example is mobile payment. I believe people seldom pay cash when they buy things. After all, mobile phones are more convenient to carry, and now more and more people like to deposit their funds in payment software bound with bank cards For example, WeChat and Alipay, which are most influential now, are very convenient to use.

And it is not hard to find that now WeChat and Alipay scan code payment function penetration rate is higher and higher, and even in some alley roadside stalls, also can see WeChat and Alipay’s collection of two-dimensional code. Although scanning QR code is very easy to use now, it’s not the best solution.

For example, some time ago, I believe you have heard that many of the technology media believe that the payment of the scan code will be eliminated sooner or later, because Alipay has now introduced face recognition, that is, when we buy things later, we can even pay for the phone without even carrying a mobile phone, and the payment method is face recognition. Maybe after the technology is popularized, It will be more convenient than scanning code to pay.

In addition to Alipay, WeChat is also vigorously developing the payment method of face recognition. For example, a few days ago, WeChat launched a new payment method, named frog Pro, although it has not yet been fully popularized, but now, frog Pro is able to get consumers’ praise under the condition of low popularization rate. It is also able to feel that frog Pro is now. It’s popular in China.

You may have a question here. What is the brush face payment function launched by Alipay and the payment method of frog Pro face recognition introduced by WeChat? Why is it recognized by so many people? In fact, the reason is relatively simple, the main reason is that the security is higher. We all know that although fingerprint identification really looks very safe, after all, everyone’s fingerprints are different, but in fact, if there are criminals who want to obtain a person’s funds, they can copy a person’s fingerprints in some ways, and the cost of copying is very low, so in this way, the security of users’ funds is greatly reduced.

On the other hand, face recognition, although there are many people who look very similar in the world, in fact, everyone’s facial features are different. In addition, the facial payment function will recognize everyone’s pupil. In this way, it will be very difficult for some lawbreakers to copy someone’s facial features, which can be used to a great extent The financial security of households. I don’t know how you see the frog Pro and brush face payment function launched by WeChat and Alipay.

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