Every 80 years, there will be “mysterious events” on the earth, but scientists say it is related to oxygen?

Every 80 years, there will be “mysterious events” on the earth, but scientists say it is related to oxygen?


The earth has bred tens of thousands of life, which can survive safely, mainly because the earth provides rich resources, such as water, sunlight, especially water. Water is the source of life. No matter what kind of creatures are thirsty, they have to drink water. Water can maintain the balance of the body. Once they don’t take enough water every day, the body mechanism will be destroyed. In many poor areas, a drop of water can even save a life. The importance of water is self-evident.


The earth is composed of three parts of land and seven parts of ocean. The ocean accounts for the vast majority, but there are very few available fresh water resources. Everyone has the awareness of taking care of water. It’s not only water, but also a great resource, oxygen. Any living things on earth can’t do without oxygen. Once deoxidized, they will suffocate and die. A person can hold his breath in the water for a long time. If he doesn’t breathe in the air for a long time, the color of his face will turn into pig liver color, and the balance of his body will be destroyed, which will cause great problems. Every 80 years, there will be “mysterious events” on the earth, but scientists say it is related to oxygen?


Everyone should take in enough oxygen and exhaust carbon dioxide when breathing. Not only human beings, but also other organisms have a great demand for oxygen. Before the early days, there were anaerobic organisms on the earth. They were all single celled. As time goes on, these single celled organisms are developing towards multicellular. Oxygen is as important as water. But some people say that oxygen may be a chronic poison. Why? If oxygen is a kind of poison, why can human beings grow healthily on the earth?


In the process of research, scientists were surprised to find that oxygen can kill humans every 80 years, which is very strange. Many people don’t believe that, in fact, the oxygen on earth is not as clean as they think. There is not only oxygen, but also other gases. If the oxygen content gradually increases one day, then human beings will face death because of the oxygen enriched environment. Once people get older, they often use antioxidant skin care products to maintain their skin. Most cells must be maintained by oxygen To generate energy.


Scientists have found that the average life span of a person can reach 120 years. However, in real life, people who can live to 70 or 80 years old are very rare. The main reason is the catalytic effect of oxygen, which makes people aging faster. They should have lived to 100 years old, but they absorb enough oxygen to accelerate the death of life. Although it is a chronic poison, it is also an indispensable resource. Without oxygen, human beings would have been extinct long ago. All the resources on the earth have advantages and disadvantages, so we should make rational use of them.


Of course, many people don’t think so. If oxygen is a kind of poison, why doesn’t it directly kill human beings, but slowly torture them? What’s more, after living on the earth for such a long time, we don’t feel that oxygen has a different effect on our body. What’s the oxygen in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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