There is a “giant eye” on the earth. If you look closer, whose masterpiece are the three concentric circles?

There is a “giant eye” on the earth. If you look closer, whose masterpiece are the three concentric circles?

From its birth to the present, the earth has experienced tremendous changes, and each change has brought countless surprises to mankind. There are many mysterious areas on this huge earth. Take the crystal cave in Mexico as an example. It’s not easy for scientists to find this cave. The most amazing thing is that there are selenite crystals in the cave. After the waste water is cleared, huge crystals emerge, attracting the attention of the whole world.

In addition to this place, the desert is also a place that human beings are afraid of. Because of the perennial drought and desolation, few people come here. For example, the Sahara desert has a large area, and there are countless biological remains inside, which are in danger. Once, when a satellite was observing in the sky, it found a giant eye, located in the Sahara desert. When you look at it, you will feel creepy when you stare at it for a while. What’s the matter with this giant eye? There is a “giant eye” on the earth. If you look closer, whose masterpiece are the three concentric circles?

A giant eye discovered by accident in America

Once, in order to occupy an advantage in space, the United States launched a flight plan. In this plan, some astronauts accidentally saw this giant eye, which is still unforgettable after looking at it. It took a picture through the relevant machine, sent it back to the ground, and began to study it carefully. This eye is roughly divided into three layers, which are similar to human eyes. The double eyelids and pupils are clearly visible, and there are many eyelashes above the eyes, which are no different from human eyes.

There are many different opinions about its formation. Many people first thought of asteroid impact. Since the birth of the earth, it has been impacted by countless asteroids. The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago has something to do with asteroids. Is it possible that this giant eye is also a masterpiece of asteroids? According to the past experience, there will be coesite around the asteroid after impact. This kind of coesite needs to be produced under strong pressure. However, experts have not found the existence of coesite near this giant eye, so the possibility of asteroid impact is not obvious. Is it possible that the crater collapsed?

What is the reason for its formation?

There will always be many volcanic eruptions on the earth. The geographical environment of the eye of the Sahara is quite special. Most of the volcanic eruptions are near the crustal rifts. No trace of volcanic rocks has been found in the Sahara desert. This inference has gradually become untenable. Some people think that this is related to the natural changes in the geological structure. In this period of tens of thousands of years, the earth’s shape has undergone earth shaking changes due to geological movements. Due to the different structures of the rock layers, the degree of erosion is also different. Some rocks with higher hardness can keep their original appearance, and the rocks far away will be seriously eroded, forming a big pit.

If you think about it carefully, it seems that there are many similarities with the three concentric circles of the eye of the Sahara. At present, scientists are still trying their best to find the basis for its formation. These conjectures lack certain scientific basis. Some people even say that it is left by alien civilization. No one can easily make a conclusion until there is evidence. Do you think the formation of the eye of the Sahara is related to the formation of the eye of the Sahara What is it about? You can leave a message for interaction.

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