In July, China will launch tianwen-1 to Mars!

With the deterioration of the earth’s environment, scientists have been looking for a second home. Some time ago, SpaceX of the United States was successfully launched. After entering the universe, it started the mission of monitoring the universe and observing Mars. Mars is still highly expected by human beings. According to the data sent back by satellite, the poles of Mars are covered with thick glaciers, just like the north and south poles of China. So scientists speculate that there should be liquid water on Mars. All countries have begun the process of exploring Mars, and China is also preparing to launch tianwen-1 to Mars in July.

Tianwen-1 will be in Beijing

Landing on Mars in February 2021

Today, with the rapid development of China’s aerospace industry, it plays an important role in the world. Although the specific launch time has not been set, Xichang Satellite Launch Center said that the launch date should be from July 20 to 25. Tianwen-1 is China’s first Mars rover to be launched into the universe. If the launch is successful, China will become the only country after the United States to land on Mars. Tianwen-1 will land on Mars in February 2021, starting a 90 day exploration mission.

This marks the rapid development of China’s space industry. In addition to tianwen-1, China has launched yutu-2 lunar rover, which is also the first time for human beings to land on the back of the moon. With the success of yutu-2, Chinese scientists are full of confidence in the aerospace industry, so tianwen-1 was finally born and has high hopes. Scientists have improved the technology of tianwen-1. There are many cameras and a radar penetrating the surface inside tianwen-1. If tianwen-1 successfully lands on Mars, it can use this radar to detect whether there are signs of life 100 meters below the surface.

China’s space industry is developing rapidly

In addition to the launch of tianwen-1 this year, China will launch the chang’e-5 lunar probe. In order to maintain the healthy and orderly development of China’s science and technology, China will establish its own space station in 2023, which can not only obtain accurate experimental data, but also ensure the life safety of astronauts. The exploration of the universe is full of many unknown dangers, so it is suitable for Russia to cooperate in the early stage of China’s Mars program. However, due to the failure of the launch, China started the road of “fighting alone”. It can be said that the responsibility of tianwen-1 is very important.

There are many difficulties in landing on Mars

If you want to successfully land on Mars, you will face more difficulties than you think. Not only do you have to choose the right landing site, but also the return journey is very difficult and dangerous. So far, all countries have launched probes to Mars, but most of the successful ones are from the United States.

Today, China’s scientific and technological strength is gradually becoming stronger. Tianwen-1 not only represents China’s scientific and technological strength, but also represents the pride of the whole nation. No laboratory can be completely successful, let alone launching satellites. According to the current level of China’s space technology, Xiaobian believes that tianwen-1 will be able to successfully complete the mission. What do you want to say about tianwen-1?

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