Is the earth human’s “prison”? Are humans “pets” of aliens? Expert: think too much!

With the change of human concept, many people believe that extraterrestrial life really exists, but our power is limited, so far we have not explored their trace. Some people think that the technological level of alien civilization is beyond our reach. Human beings may be the animals kept by aliens, and the earth is the prison for human beings.

This view is too crazy. Although it is full of many controversies, more and more people begin to believe it. In fact, it has no scientific basis. Although human beings have broken free from the shackles of the earth, launched many satellites into the universe, and several astronauts have entered the space, we are still unable to achieve universal Star Trek. The environment of the universe is very dangerous, full of all kinds of variables. Some people think that the earth is not a prison for human beings, but a shell to protect human beings.

Is the atmosphere the shackle of man?

There is a thick atmosphere over the surface of the earth. It is with the existence of this layer of “umbrella”, we can effectively isolate the cosmic radiation and the huge heat of the sun, and everything on the earth can survive safely in nature. Therefore, it is the umbrella to maintain the stability of the earth’s environment, not the chain to shackle human beings. If the earth is really the prison of human beings, how can human beings break through its shackles and enter the universe?

Is gravity the reason why we are trapped?

In fact, the second level of human gravity is controlled by extraterrestrial civilization. It is because of the existence of gravity that we can live freely on the earth. We can imagine this picture, once the gravity disappears, all the buildings on the earth will fly into the sky. Flying planes and running trains will be congested in the sky. Under such circumstances, human beings can not avoid collision and even pay their lives. If you enter the universe, you will die because of the thin atmosphere. So gravity is also an important reason to protect human survival.

Why is there disaster on earth? Why do humans get sick?

Seeing this, some people may ask, since the earth is the habitat to protect human survival, why do all kinds of disasters and human diseases break out. The occurrence of natural disasters is not controlled by human beings. Even if our scientific and technological level has made unprecedented progress, it can not interfere with the occurrence of natural disasters. In the process of evolution, all creatures on the earth must abide by the iron law of survival of the fittest. Only when their abilities become strong can they survive on the earth. This is the law of natural evolution.

So the earth is not a prison for human beings, and human beings are not pets of aliens. The earth is a safe place for life to continue. If the earth’s gravity and resources disappear, then the earth will be a prison. Therefore, when we look at problems, we must learn to use dialectical vision. Only by following the law of scientific development can we get the truth.

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