What’s the future of the earth? Look at 410 light years away, and you’ll see

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. This home is so beautiful, especially when human beings walk out of the earth and stand in space, they really understand the earth’s extraordinary and its beauty. We need to know that there is no other beautiful ecological planet that can be compared with the earth among the planets observed by human beings at present. It can be seen that planets like the earth must also be rare planets in the universe.

Since such a beautiful planet as the earth is very rare in the universe, we should protect the planet and make it the home for human survival forever. But can this wish come true? I’m afraid it’s very difficult. First of all, the rapid development of human industry has brought more and more serious damage to the earth’s ecology.

Let’s take the very obvious and serious greenhouse effect as an example. As we all know, the global temperature has been rising in recent years. Last year, some people said that the temperature might drop this year, but I believe you have seen the actual situation recently. Now it is just entering may, and there is no such high temperature season as big heat and small heat, but the high temperature has arrived ahead of time.


In recent days, the temperature in many parts of the country has reached 38 degrees Celsius, and the surface temperature has even reached 60 degrees Celsius. In the past, such a high temperature climate could only be seen in June to July, but this year, it was advanced to May. From this, we can also see that the global temperature has risen again this year. From June to July, the temperature will be higher, and people’s life and travel will be more difficult.

This kind of high temperature greenhouse effect is mainly brought about by human industrial activities. Some people may say that once human beings master controllable nuclear fusion technology in the future, they can replace fossil energy. At that time, there will be no carbon dioxide emissions, and the earth’s ecology will return to normal, so that human beings can survive all the time.

There is no mistake in this understanding. After the major breakthroughs in energy technology in the future, it is entirely possible to eliminate the current situation of deteriorating ecology. But even if we do this in the future, it will be difficult for the earth to exist all the time, because the earth’s home is the solar system. The center of the solar system is the sun, which is the core of determining the future fate of the earth.

As we all know, a star is a nuclear fusion reactor. It burns and releases energy all the time. But this kind of combustion will not go on all the time. When the hydrogen fuel is used up, the sun will also enter the stage of red giant, and finally a supernova explosion will occur, the external matter will peel off, and the internal evolution will become a white dwarf. With the evolution of the sun to a white dwarf, the planets around it will also be swallowed by the sun.


Therefore, no matter how well the earth is protected by us, it will be difficult for it to escape the fate of being engulfed by the sun in 5 billion years. Some people may have said that these are just scientists’ conjectures. We can’t see the fate of the earth after the end of the solar life, just some simulated data and conjectures. So, can we really see the future fate of the sun and the earth in the universe now? The answer is yes.

You know, there is not only one solar system in the vast universe, but also countless galaxies similar to the solar system. We only need to observe and find some stars with the same mass as the sun, and some stars may have reached the end of their lives and evolved into white dwarfs. As long as we observe such white dwarfs, we can see the fate of the solar system and the earth in advance.

In a paper published in science, a team led by Christopher Manser of the University of Warwick in England observed a white dwarf 410 light-years away from earth. Code named SDSS j1228 + 1040, it is slightly larger than the earth, but its mass is almost the same as that of the sun.


This white dwarf was formed just after the supernova explosion of a star with the same mass as the sun. There are still a lot of dust and debris around it, which were left by the earth like planets that once orbited it. There is a strange bright spot that attracts the attention of scientists. This bright spot orbits around the white dwarf every two hours. So what is this bright spot?

Through observation, scientists found that this bright spot is actually an object with a dense iron nickel core. Its diameter is about 600 kilometers, and its density is between 7.7 and 39 grams per cubic meter. Scientists are excited to see this data, because the density of this dense celestial body is basically the same as that of the earth’s core. This indicates that the predecessor of the iron core compact object around the white dwarf may also be an earth like planet with the same mass as the earth.

Through the situation around the white dwarf, we can see the ultimate fate of the sun and the fate of the earth in advance. If there are no special circumstances, the sun will continue to expand after 5 billion years, and finally a supernova explosion will occur, which will evolve into a white dwarf. While the earth is expanding in the process of the sun, the outer material will be stripped away, leaving a dense metal core.

In fact, this is a good ending. In many people’s cognition and Simulation in the past, the sun devours the earth, and there may be nothing left. But now we know from the real scene 410 light-years away that the earth will eventually leave a dense iron nickel core. It will inherit the will of the earth and continue to accompany the evolved white dwarf.


Is the fate of the earth doomed in five billion years? Maybe many people will feel sad about the future fate of the earth when they see the scene of 410 light years. Although the fate of the star from the day it was born, the future has been doomed, but for an intelligent life planet, the future fate is full of a lot of uncertainty.

The future destiny of the earth may be changed by human beings because of the great potential of scientific and technological civilization. We all know that the power of science and technology is endless. The end of science and technology is to completely control the universe, become the God of the universe, and formulate all the laws of the universe. The power of science and technology can change everything in the universe, so it is natural to change the fate of an earth.

Five billion years is a very long time for the development of a civilization. If there is no accident, the human civilization in 5 billion years may be so powerful that we can’t believe it. Even if it has not become the overlord of the universe, it has already become a powerful interstellar civilization. At that time, interstellar migration was not a problem for us at all. Human steps might have spread all over the galaxy and even every corner of the universe.


With the help of powerful technology, even if the life of the sun comes to an end, the fate of the earth can also be changed, that is, to transform the earth into a wandering planet, and then leave the solar system to settle in other suitable galaxies and move around new stars. As long as human beings can exist, the earth may also exist forever. This may be the significance of the earth’s consciousness of nature for the birth of human beings.

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