Dongfanghong-1 has lost power for 50 years and is still in operation. What is the reason?

Today, China’s space industry has developed by leaps and bounds. In the history of China’s space industry, a man-made satellite is of great significance and has become the pride of many Chinese people. That is the first man-made satellite dongfanghong-1 launched by China in 1970. At that time when science and technology were not very developed, the satellite went into space with a bright Oriental red melody and became the most brilliant chapter in the history of China’s space industry. Since then, China’s space industry has been developing continuously and occupied a place in the international space industry.

Dongfanghong-1 is still operating normally in space

Today, dongfanghong-1 has existed in the universe for 50 years. At that time, many people who witnessed the successful launch of dongfanghong-1 may have died. 50 years is a huge number. In the past 10 years, China has launched a number of man-made satellites and successfully transported several 10 astronauts into space. Therefore, many people seem to have forgotten dongfanghong-1 Red one, has it fallen into space or is it still working?

It is considered that the 50 year life cycle is very long for artificial satellites. At that time, the technology was far less advanced than it is now, so they thought that dongfanghong-1 might have fallen into the universe long ago. However, scientists never forget dongfanghong-1. They monitored its operation in real time. 50 years later, dongfanghong-1 is still in normal operation on a fixed orbit.

Dongfanghong-1 is still in operation, probably due to its orbit

This result is really unexpected. Even Tiangong-1, launched by China in 2011, crashed in the atmosphere in 2018, and tiangong-2, launched in 2016, only existed for three years. But the dongfanghong-1, launched in 1970, has no power support and can still operate normally. What is the reason?

Generally speaking, when a man-made satellite revolves around the earth in a given orbit, it often rubs against the atmosphere. As time goes by, its speed will drop, and eventually it will fall to the earth. When scientists launched dongfanghong-1 at that time, the idea was very simple, as long as it successfully entered space. Therefore, the orbit of dongfanghong-1 was an abnormal ellipse, which was different from other satellites. This meant that the friction between dongfanghong-1 and the atmosphere would be greatly reduced, so it would not exist The problem of deceleration.

Scientists predict that at such a speed, dongfanghong-1 will be able to operate for hundreds of years. At that time, the idea of scientists was very simple, to let the whole world hear the melody of Dongfanghong, which also increased the burden of dongfanghong-1 battery, so it lost contact with the earth 28 days after it landed in space. Although dongfanghong-1 is far away from us, it also provides valuable experience for the development of China’s aerospace industry. What do you know about dongfanghong-1? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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