Experts predict that in 2070, the average temperature of one fifth of the world’s land will exceed 29 ℃. What will human beings do?

Nowadays, global warming has become a major trend in the world. Even if this summer comes later, we can feel that the temperature this year seems to be higher than in previous years. It is also surprising that China’s first high-temperature city appeared in the north. In a recent study, scientists said that in 2070, 50 years from now, more than one fifth of the world will be tropical, and one third of the population will be exposed to high temperature.

Scientists predict that in the future

In 2070, the global average temperature will exceed 29 degrees

The scientists’ conjecture is not groundless. They used a climate development model to study the temperature changes of the earth from ancient times to the present, and came to this conclusion statistically. From the results of the model, scientists believe that if human beings do not restrain their behavior, the consequences of global warming will be unbearable in the next few decades. By that time, more than a fifth of the world will be as hot as the Sahara desert, with an average temperature of more than 29 degrees.

Today, the earth has broken through the 7 billion population barrier. Facing such a huge number, the earth’s resources are also facing great pressure. 50 years later, the earth’s population is still growing. Therefore, scientists infer that in 2070, about 1 / 3 of the world’s population will experience this hot era. By that time, melting glaciers are bound to inundate low-lying areas, and the population has been growing, so people have to find new habitats. But the land area of the earth is limited after all. At that time, humans may launch a series of wars because of their habitats.

Global warming will also have an impact on ocean currents, and the world economic pattern will be shuffled

Global warming affects not only the survival of human beings, but also the irreversible change of climate and environment. Scientists believe that global warming is a vicious circle. Some time ago, Siberia broke through the high temperature of 38 degrees, and the glaciers in the north and south poles showed a trend of melting. If all the glaciers melt 50 years later, the greenhouse gases buried under the thick permafrost will be released, which will aggravate the greenhouse effect to a certain extent and enter a vicious circle.

Global warming will also have a certain impact on ocean current operation. As the temperature gradually rises, a large number of marine resources will enter the Arctic with the warm current. The ocean is the birthplace of life, and a lot of material for human survival is inseparable from marine life. Therefore, when a large number of marine resources flow to the Arctic, it is bound to cause a reshuffle of the economic industry, and a new round of world hegemony war may begin.

It can be said that if global warming is not effectively controlled, then the future human survival is bound to face a great threat. Although various countries have formulated various policies to protect the environment, these efforts seem to be a drop in the bucket under the trend of global warming. What do you think human survival will face in 50 years?

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