Four frightening places are called “forbidden zone of life”, and China has two!

Four frightening places are called “forbidden zone of life”, and China has two!

As the higher intelligent life on the earth, human beings have lived for millions of years. So far, the exploration of the universe is still endless. There are many mysterious phenomena on the earth, which scientists try their best to explore, but still can not explain with science. On the other hand, it also highlights human ignorance again.

Human beings in the universe, like a drop in the ocean, are extremely small and negligible. However, many human behaviors in real life are gradually damaging the earth. There are four places in the world that are called forbidden zones of life. Why are they called forbidden zones? The main reason is that tens of thousands of people died in these places. Besides, we don’t know why they died. So what are the four forbidden areas? Four frightening places are called “forbidden zone of life”, and China has two!

First and foremost, the valley of death in Italy. I believe many people have some impression that it has another nickname, that is, animal graveyard. The main purpose of this death valley is to take the lives of animals, which will not have a substantial impact on human beings. According to relevant surveys, more than 30000 animals die every year in Italy’s death valley. They are not suicides or human beings, and there is no scientific basis to find out the cause. Therefore, everyone has a sense of awe towards Italy’s death valley.

The second is Lop Nur in China. The most frequent disappearances in this area are very mysterious. Many people go to this place and most of them are missing. Moreover, after a long time, they can’t find the body, which is full of strange smell. Many people are extremely afraid and dare not go again.

The third is Sichuan’s Enchanted Taipa. It is located in a very special place, and the terrain is extremely complex. It looks foggy. Many experts are very interested in this place. Although it has become a National Forest Park, its safety can not be guaranteed, and some strange things often happen, which need to be paid more attention.

The last one is the Bermuda delta. This area also often appears the phenomenon of missing, and in many weeks can not find the missing person, many merchant ships will disappear, people simply do not understand. These are strange places on the earth. Many kinds of events can not be explained clearly by science, so they are also called forbidden zones on the earth. Although they have a lot of history, human beings have never stopped exploring these forbidden zones. They all want to explain the causes of such phenomena by science, which is strange and mysterious. China occupies two of them. It seems that China still has a long way to go There are many mysterious places waiting for us to explore, we need to maintain a positive attitude. What do you think of the four scenic spots on earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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