Is “three body” related to science? Why did Yang Zhenning say that I couldn’t go on seeing it?

Why can’t scientists read the science fiction “three bodies”? What did he find?

In many cases, the human desire can not be satisfied, we have to place these good wishes and hopes in other places, such as some literary works. Our free imagination in these literary works, if it can really become a reality, this kind of fantasy is usually good, but we also have to prepare for the worse, such as the plot of the alien attack on the earth in the movie, if this is to become a reality, where should we go?

Outstanding achievements of three body

Three bodies is a very famous science fiction. In May 2006, the novel began to be serialized in science fiction world magazine. The emergence of this novel has attracted many people’s attention. It mainly tells the story of trisomy people struggling to survive in the harsh environment of trisomy system. In an accident, scientists on earth made contact with these trisomy people. In order to prevent human development, the three body people send a proton to the earth to hinder the progress of the earth. In order to protect their own civilization, the earth people start a contest with the three body civilization.

Then, the dark forest and eternal life of death appeared in the three body novel. From the war between the three body man and the earth man to the level of the universe, we can see the author’s imagination. Even in real life, a lot of scientific research takes some details as the basis. The dark forest law proposed in this book has been recognized by many people.

After it appeared, translation became a multi language, began to sell well in western countries, and also won the Hugo prize. However, when the novel meets Yang Zhenning as a scientist, it encounters Waterloo. Yang Zhenning, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once won the Nobel Prize in physics. Its contribution to human social science is revolutionary. He has a very high position in the scientific community, but when he saw this book, he said that he could not read it at all. What’s the matter?

Yang Zhenning’s view

Why does science fiction, which has made remarkable achievements all over the world, turn over in the hands of scientists? Yang Zhenning said that when he was a child, he also liked to read the science fiction of Tianma starry sky, which can really bring him into another world. But when he picked up the book of three bodies when he was old, he found that he couldn’t read it at all, because now Yang Zhenning, as a scientist, has a deeper understanding of the earth, the universe and galaxies, and the reality is far away It’s more complicated than novels. These wonderful and mysterious things are really eye-catching, but he prefers the real world where he is now. There are many irrationalities in the novel.

In Xiaobian’s opinion, novels are just a way of entertainment. There are many details to follow, but most of them rely on their own imagination. After all, no one can tell exactly what the vast universe is like and whether there are other civilizations. What do you think of Yang Zhenning’s reaction after seeing “three bodies”?

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