The three prehistoric civilizations in the legend are highly sci-fi, and the “authenticity” is also the highest!

Whether prehistoric civilization exists or not has always been a controversial topic in the scientific community. Nowadays, with the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more scientists believe that prehistoric civilization really exists. This is not only because scientists have found a lot of suspected evidence of the existence of prehistoric civilization, but also because of some historical records and careful thinking of the details, which have confirmed to mankind that prehistoric civilization really exists. For example, the following three prehistoric civilizations are highly sci-fi and highly authentic.

It’s a continental civilization.

This civilization was first proposed by a scientist at the beginning of the 20th century. He believed that the vast area of Mu continent, about 35 million square kilometers, is located in the east of Australia. Due to the strong earthquake and plate movement, the brilliant Mu continent was deposited on the seabed, forming a vast ocean. However, some scientists believe that according to the plate movement and the change of ocean situation, the existence of Mu continent does not conform to their movement law. However, there are many small buildings in this area, which are very similar to American buildings. The distance between the two places is too far. How did people cross the vast ocean thousands of years ago?

Lemurian civilization.

This civilization is also called the Lemurian civilization. Many people are curious about Lemurian, and they know it from the Martian boy. The Martian boy claimed that he was a Martian who flew a spaceship to the earth, and the place where he landed on the earth was Lemuria. Many people believe that the Lemurian civilization is the first civilization in the world. It is its appearance that makes the glorious history of mankind. They are not pure human beings, and may have an unspeakable relationship with alien civilization.

Atlantis civilization.

This should be one of the most well-known civilizations of mankind, and many materials have recorded this civilization. Atlantis civilization is very dazzling, at that time on the earth, Atlantis people are the highest animals in the world. But Atlantis was submerged because of a big flood, and disappeared into the ocean just overnight, forever sinking to the bottom of the sea.

It arouses people’s intense curiosity because they were able to create all kinds of advanced tools and flight instruments 10000 years ago. In addition, Atlantis people can use the sunlight to convert into various kinds of energy for human life, which is a very advanced means in modern times. According to the productivity at that time, it is very difficult to achieve such a result. Therefore, if Atlantis really exists, it is really highly civilized.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, scientists have found some large-scale buildings in many ocean mountains. Maybe these buildings are the evidence of the existence of prehistoric civilization, but it will take a long time to solve their secrets. Do you think these three civilizations really exist?

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